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Phone: 720-561-8247
Stores and distributes all medications.

Coordinates hearing and vision screenings;
Ensures significant health conditions are recorded and teachers are made aware of the students with such 
Responds to medical emergencies in the building.
Maintains ERT box;
Tracks and records immunization records.
Administers general first aid.

New - The district nurse is now located at our high school also. Please look up Kelli Preston's website for additional information.


Clinic door opens at 7:30 a.m.

Clinic door closes at 2:30 p.m.

Clinic is open during all lunches

Go to the main office if you find the door closed.


All medications must be checked in with the front office or clinic. To  carry any medication  in the school, a note must be given to the clinic describing why the medication must be on the person at all times.
Medication at school forms are found on BVSD website for parents under the health services tab.

Forms for immunization exemptions also available under the health services tab.

Some "True" Facts

1970's - Medical Insurance Adjuster
1980's - Licensed Daycare and emergency first aid for various scout troops
1990's - Boulder County Foster Home, including emergency receiving and high needs placements
2000's - Adopted special needs foster placement and retired from foster care.
2006 - Started working for BrHS as a para for the special education department.
2010 - Continued working with the special education department and added hours to work in the high school clinic.
Current - full time clinic aid
Active part of the ERT at BrHS
I am certified in emergency first aide, CPR and AED
I am not an LPN nor an RN and I do not provide any type of diagnosis nor treatment options outside my certifications.