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III Committee During 2014-2015 :  III Committee_All_Departments.doc

BVM Project Poster Presentation Fair: 2015

The Project Poster Presentation Date has been decided as 9th October 2015.

It may please be noted that the Poster Presentation Fair is also treated as a 2nd Presentation

from the GTU's Mid-Sem examination point of view.

The Evaluation Round will be from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM, with @ 1 hour lunch break. 

The detailed program will be available at the Notice Boards and also at the site soon.

Report of Advanced Shodh Yatra: Advanced_Shodh_Yatra_BVM_JAN_JUNE_2015_Report.doc

Project Expo BVM 2015:

Triple-I Cell BVM heartily congratulates all the Final Year Students, Faculty Members and Student Coordinators on the success of the grand event Project Expo 2015. 

All the Best Three Winning groups are requested to display their projects at the stalls allotted to them, on 8th April, Wednesday.

All the students from Final year to first year are urged to visit the Industry Open House- along with the best three projects of each department, on 8th April, 2015.

Important Announcements by the GTU:

All the final year III Coordinators, and all the Prize winners are requested to prepare a soft copy of their certificates as per the given format, so that they may be issued certificates, at an earlier date.

Please see the document for stall arrangement for Industries and Best Projects:  Volunteer_Sheet_Per_Stall_With_Best_Three.doc

III Cell Activities during April to June 2015.docx

Certificates for the Open House/ project expo..are given to the students in the final year as good/active III coordinators.

Advanced Shodh Yatra:

All the students who complete the Advanced Shodh Yatra in a "Successful Manner" will be issued certificates:

The Students can download the undertaking form for the Advance Shodh Yatra from here: AD_SHO_YA_Undertaking.doc 

III Cell and IDP_UDP Cell faculty members of all Departments:  III Committee_All_Departments.doc

III Volunteers, Third Year:   III_Volunteers_TYBE.doc

The Certificates for Coordinatorship at the III and Project Expo activities will be issued to the students during their Final Year.
The Certificates for Shodh Yatra Coordinating efforts will be issued along with the III Certificates at the time of Poster / Project Expo Certificates or at time of the Annual day celebrations.

Coordinating students' involvement is required at Project Expo 2015, and at ASY. 

All students' groups have to visit three industries.

Coordinating students' have to prepare a class-wise / discipline-wise combined database of the industries visited by each of the groups, with the support of each group.

Coordinators' support will also be required in preparing the certificates, with your names.

Following links provide list of all the industries at Vitthal Udyognagar Nagar: 

Certificates received by Prof. S A Bakhru, Prof. J N Jain: 

Project Expo 2015:

Project Expo 2015_Information_And_Guidelines_To_All_Students.doc

All students have to prepare the posters corresponding to their completed projects as shown here:


Project Expo Volunteers.doc


The student volunteering committee of the Placement Cell organized a program Know-How. Eminent industrialists were invited to give talks on "Entrepreneurship Development" and also for placement tips, during the week 8th to 14th February.

The III Committee Computer Engineering Department, BVM organized a one day workshop on Database Design, with industry experts Mr. Ghanshyam Solanki and Mr. Kiran Patil. About 40 students of the TYBE (CP) took advantage of the same.

III Committee BVM and GTU innovation sankul(BVM) jointly organized an interaction program 
of the industry dignitaries of Vitthal Udyognagar with the students of 6th Semester discuss various aspects of the proposed "Advanced Shodh Yatra" project. Nearly 300, 6th semester students actively attended this program, and felt greatly encouraged by Mr. Jagadishbhai Patel, Mr. Yogesh Amin, Mr. Amrutbhai Patel, Mr. Paresh Shah, Mr. Sunil Dave, Dr. Vitthal Kamath. At the end of the program it was very evident to note that the students felt highly motivated and confident about taking up the project of "Advanced Shodh Yatra". Event photographs can be seen here:
 IMG_8823.JPG          IMG_8821.JPG     IMG_8820_1.JPG     IMG_8820.JPG    IMG_8818.JPG      IMG_8816.JPG   IMG_8814.JPG         IMG_8813.JPG       IMG_8812.JPG     
  IMG_8809.JPG    IMG_8808.JPG       IMG_8826.JPG      

The III Committee BVM organized a one day tour to Vibrant Gujarat 2015, at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, on 9th January 2015. 160 Students and 10 Faculty members participated in the same. The faculty and students visited various pavilions and observed with interest the recent technological developments and products on display. 

A meeting was arranged at Elecon Hall on 17-1-2015, to discuss the rational of Advanced Shodh Yatra, 
with industry members of VUIA. Fourteen industry members attended and actively participated at the meeting. 
All the members encouraged the idea of of Advanceed Shodh Yatra and coming closer to BVM, by way of working on projects of mutual interest. 

Shri Jagadishbhai Patel and Shri Yogesh Amin Conducted the meeting. 
BVM side was represented by Prof. S A Bakhru, Prof. Indrajit Patel, Prof. J N Jain and Prof. N M Patel.

The III Cell with the help of  IDP_UDP Cell BVM will be organizing a Project Expo 2015 somewhere in the last fortnight of April 2015.

Here, we will be inviting all the BE Students and  all the ME Students also, to showcase their projects and dissertations. 

All the BE and ME Students will stand to benefit if they complete their projects and dissertation by then ( or complete a major part of it and make it show-case worthy), as efforts will be made to invite good industries to take benefit from their work.


The BVM Engineering College organized a Poster Fair BVM 2014, displaying posters of all the final year Students' Projects.

About 200 posters of nearly 680 final year students were displayed. 

This is the third time in succession that such Poster or Project Exhibition has been organized at BVM, 

after a successful experimental effort made with the final year pass-out students of Computer Engineering Department, 

Project Expo 2013, in June 2013. 

Please read the full report here: Project_Poster_Fair_ BVM_10_OCT_2014_Report.doc

Result of Poster Fair BVM 2014_Civil.doc

Result of Poster Fair BVM 2014_Mech.doc 

 Result of Poster Fair BVM 2014_Prod.doc

Result of Poster Fair BVM 2014_Electrical.doc

Result of Poster Fair BVM 2014_EL.doc.docx 

Result of Poster Fair BVM 2014_CP.doc

Best Three Poster Winners from each department will get Certificates ( After the 7th Semester Theory Examinations)

The Certificate Format:  Poster Fair BVM October 2014_CP_1st_Certificate_As A Reference.doc

DSC_0717.JPG   DSC_0718.JPG   DSC_0719.JPG   DSC_0716.JPG   DSC_0714.JPG   DSC_0713.JPG  DSC_0735.JPG  

DSC_0709.JPG   I DSC_0708.JPG  DSC_0701.JPG  DSC_0700.JPG   DSC_0699.JPG  DSC_0696.JPG   DSC_0711.JPG 

IMG-20141012-WA0005.jpg     IMG-20141012-WA0002.jpg  IMG_20141010_122242160_HDR.jpg 

DSC_0772.JPG           DSC_0771.JPG          DSC_0770.JPG    DSC_0768.JPG                DSC_0767.JPG           DSC_0761.JPG          DSC_0758.JPG 

DSC_0755.JPG          DSC_0747.JPG           DSC_0746.JPG    DSC_0743.JPG                DSC_0738.JPG           DSC_0737.JPG         DSC_0775.JPG 

DSC_0825.JPG   DSC_0826.JPG   DSC_0824.JPG  DSC_0822.JPG  DSC_0821.JPG 

DSC_0819.JPG  DSC_0784.JPG  DSC_0783.JPG  DSC_0782.JPG  DSC_0835.JPG  

Best Three Poster Winners from each department will get Certificates ( After the 7th Semester Theory Examinations)

Guidelines For Project Expo 15( Exact Poster Format: Please Note: All the Header and Footer Blocks should be White in Colour): Project_Expo_15_Poster_Template.pptx 


An Invitation to the industries to participate and partner with our activities: Partnership with Industries.doc

Industries interested in being member of the BVM Library should please contact Prof. Indrajit Patel, Prof. Incharge Library. Mobile: 9898034464


Activities: ( III and Extension )

Activity Summary

III Activities of each department:                 III_Activities_All_Departments_From_June_2013_May_2014.doc


 For the activities of the CP Department:     triplei@cpdept_bvm


From July 2014 onwards:

The student volunteers of the Know-How team, under the Placement Cell  BVM, organized a talk by Er.Sudarshan P Amin bhai, Managing Director of Swiss Glasscoat Equipments Limited, to share his success story as a successful entreprenuear with students, on February 9th, 2015 from 18:00 to 20:00 at the BVM Auditorium. About  400 students of 1st,2nd and 3rd year of all branches of engineering attended the program.


Computer Engineering Department, under III activities, arranged an expert lecture on Database Design,by Dr. kamelsh Vaishnav, Associate Professor Semcom, V V Nagar, on 24-10-204. About 40 final year BE CP students took advantage of the same.

Computer Engineering Department, under III activities, arranged an interesting lecture on "Intel Graphics" by Ms. Jalpa Patel, Software Engineer, Intel, an alumnus of BVM Engineering College, on 17/10/2014. Nearly 90 students and many faculty members of CP and IT departments attended the same. The lecture generated good interaction from students and faculty.

1,   Computer Engineering Department arranged an industrial tour of TYBE CP students, to BSNL Ahmerdabad on 24/09/2014. Total 47 students took benefit of the scheme.

2,    The CP-EL Department under III Cell BVM arranged tour of five faculty members to visit SAC and PRL on Monday 22/09/2014, to explore the possibility of research and development with SAC, PRL and ISRO. The trip was highly successful. At the following sites useful information about the R&D at SAC, PRL and ISRO can be found:

3, The Electronics Engineering Department BVM under III Cell activities organized a 1 day seminar on LAB VIEW with experts from eiTRA, under the MOU with the CP-EL department, on 20/09/2014. The program was highly successful. 34 students attended the program.

4, III Cell Computer Engineering Department organized an interesting lecture on Convergence and Unified Communications" by Mr. Ganesh Jivani   CEO and  MD,  Matrix Telecom and Security Solutions, Vadodara,  on 16-09-2014, at the BVM Auditorium, during  4.00 PM to 6.00 PM.  

Mr. Jivani gave an excellent introduction to the front line technologies taking shape in these fields. The lecture generated very good response with active students' interaction with Mr. Jivani. Third and final year students of CP and EL departments totalling 84 attended the lecture.

5, Electrical Engineering Department, under  III Cell  BVM, organized an Interactive Seminar on  "Transformer Design Testing and Condition Monitoring." on 4th September 2014, at 2.30 PM at BVM Auditorium. 


1. III Cell organized a Project Expo 2014 (Project Fair) on 25th April 2014. All final year students demonstrate their projects to industry and faculty experts and also to all junior students of the college. See full report here: 

Project Expo BVM 2014_Summary.doc 

IMP_Message from Hon VC Sir_Re_ Project Fairs.pdf

2. III Cell organized a Project Poster Fair 2014  on 21st January 2014. All final year students display the posters of their respective projects to industry and faculty experts and also to all junior students of the college. See full report here: Project_Poster_Fair_BVM_Jan_2014_Summary.doc 

IMP_Message_From_Mr._Hiranmay_Mahanta_Poster Presentation Event Coverage.pdf

3. The III Cell BVM Engineering College, with the help of Vitthal Udyognagar Industries Association organized an Industry Institute Meet Program, on 18/10/2013, during 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM at BVM Auditorium.

Event Coverage: DSC_2348.JPG , DSC_2309.JPG , DSC_2339.JPG

4. Ten  MOUs have been signed with industries during June 2013- till date. (EOI's So Far:    17)

4.1  An MOU has been signed between Computer Engineering Dept,  BVM and Electromech Ahmedabad, on 25/04/2014. 

4.2 An MOU between Computer Engineering Dept,  BVM and e-Infochips, on 15th March 2014.

An MOU was signed between e-Infochips and BVM Engineering College, on 15/03/2014. 

5. All the faculty members across all departments arranged 22 expert lectures, 8 workshops,  19 industry tours, and contributed greatly to the III activities.

6. All the faculty members across all departments guided 75 Industry Defined Projects, in collaboration with the student mentors from the industry. About 100 User defined projects also guided, by the faculty.

7. IRG generated out of testing and contusing works: @ 3.5 lakhs.

8. Projects Expo BVM 2013, organized on 5th June, 2013:  A successful pioneering experiment, success of which encourages us to replicate this activity every year.

See Full Report Here: PROJECTS_EXPO_BVM_2013_Coverage.doc

9. A Three day course  on Entrepreneurship  Development  in collaboration with EDC Gujarat on 25th, 26th and 27th July, 2014, organized by Prof. J N Jain, Convener, EDC Cell, BVM under grants from TEQIP II. 42 Students successfully attended the course and received certificates.

See Full Report here:Report_ Entre_ Aware_Camp_25_26_27_July.doc

10. Second semester pass out students encouraged to go for Industrial Shodh Yatra, to get understanding of the industry projects during the summer vacation of May-June 2014. 78 student groups under the guidance of Prof. Falesh Vora successfully complete the same.

11. Placement Cell, under convener-ship of Dr. N M Patel and Mr. Mehul Patel encouraged students to go for Industry Training in the summer vacation of May June 2014.  108 students take advantage of the same.

12. Placement Cell, under convener-ship of Dr. N M Patel and Mr. Mehul Patel make fruit-full efforts. 166 students from all GIA disciplines get placed.


III Committee at BVM:                          III_Cell Committee_GIA and SF.doc

A General EOI Form:                            EOI_FORM.doc

A General MOU Format:                        BVM_Industry_Institue_MOU.doc 

A Skeleton MOU Draft:                         Skeleton MOU Draft.doc

MOU Between BVM and E-Infochips:       BVM_EINFO_MOU_15th_March_2014_Approved.doc 

Scanned Copy: MOU_BVM_E-Infochips on 15/03/2014: MOU BVM_E_Infochips.PDF

Scanned Copy: MOU CP_Engg_Dept_BVM_Electromech Ahmedabad, on 25/04/2014: 

MOU Between CTE and BSNL:                Memorandum_Of_Understanding_GOG_CTE01102013.tif

MOU Between CTE and Plasma Research: MOU_CTE_PLASMA_RESEARCH.doc

A Sample MOU(Courtesy Prof. B.J.Shah): MOU_Templete.doc 

TEQIP Guidelines:                               TEQIP_Triple_I_Annex_9.doc

Permissible expense:                           Permissible Expense for R&D and III.doc
Also see Guidelines from CTE:               payment-nrom-order-teqip-II.pdf

Fund Allocation:                                 http://bvmengineering.ac.in/TEQIP-2/Table16.pdf

Useful Forms:                                    http://bvmengineering.ac.in/Forms_TEQIP.html

department wise
IDP/ UDP projects done
by the students of BVM                      BE_STUDENTS_PROJECTS@BVM
Subject wise / Group wise 
Faculties and Industry Experts:                      Group_Faculty_Experts_CP_BVM.doc

Minutes of Meetings:                        III_Minutes_of_Meeting_25_03_2013.jpg

                                                                      III_Minutes of Meeting_30_01_2015 001.jpg

                                                                      III Committee_Meeting_4_March_2015.doc

Contact Details of 
Renowned Industrialists:                     Contact_Details_Renowned_Industrialists_VUN.doc

Requesting Involvement of 
Industries at teaching UG / PG Subjects:           EOI_LECTURES_BE.doc 

Project Idea Request ( EOI):                           IDP_UDP_Idea_Proposal_Form_PIP_FORM.doc

Continuing Education Request
(EOI for the Industry):                                   Continuing_Education_Program_Proposal_Form_CEPP_Form_BVM.doc 

Continuing Education Request ( Institute):         Bridge_Course_Program_Proposal_Form_BCPP Form_III_BVM.doc


Useful Links / Documents:

Useful Links:                                     Course Module.xls 


To all III Cell Faculty members:

Convenient Data Formats to present the departmental III activities III_DATA_Format_2014_2015.doc