Upcoming Events

In this section we display all those upcoming activities organized in our collage as well as other colleges.

Sr No.BranchLevelActivity NameTentative date
1EC1st yearTechno Hunt29/07/17
2EC2nd yearReverse Engineering10/8/2017
3EC3rd yearWorkshop24/08/17
4EC4th yearThe New Tech16/09/17
5EL1st yearTechno Hunt29/07/17
6EL2nd yearReverse Engineering10/8/2017
7EL3rd yearWorkshop24/08/17
8EL4th yearThe New Tech16/09/17
9IT1st yearJumping into Computers22/07/17
10IT2nd yearBootstrap + Github5/8/2017
11IT3rd yearDowntown Coding9/9/2017
12IT4th yearPython Workshop26/08/17
13CP1st yearJumping into Computers22/07/17
14CP2nd yearBootstrap + Github5/8/2017
15CP3rd yearDowntown Coding9/9/2017
16CP4th yearPython Workshop26/08/17
17EE1st yearProtious workshop22/07/2017
18EE2nd yearjunior of the year15/07/2017
19EE3rd yearsemi tech event23/08/2017
20EE1st yearjunior of the year2/9/2017
21EE4th yearrobotics workshop9/9/2017