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Tech Geek

posted Sep 4, 2015, 4:57 AM by iste students

This event was to increase the knowledge, crossword solving skill, aptitude, also softs skills like group discussion, and also their knowledge regarding specific topics they have to make Google blog of that topic so their creativity also increases.

Round 1: Inquizive

This round contains 60 questions:

·       Aptitude questions

·       True/False

·       General Knowledge

·       Crossword

·       Answer in 1 or 2 words

Round 2: Group Discussion

Selected participants will be divided into 2 groups for group discussion.

Round 3: Infinite Loop

A topic will given on which they have to make blog using word press or Google blog or any tools and winners would be selected on the basis of blog content and presentation they give about their blog in front of jury.

Branch            : All

Year                : 1st

Date                : February 19th,2015

Time               : 9am to 4pm

Venue             : A-221,222, B-308 (IT Seminar Hall) and B-301

Coordinators: Meet Anadkat

Judges            : Prof. Nikita Soni and Prof. VrajeshKhambholja

Entries            : 53