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posted Sep 4, 2015, 4:59 AM by iste students

Event was based on technical and non technical clues to reach the final target. In next round, Evaluation was based on talent of the teams and team work. Each team had to show their talent to entertain other team members present.

Round 1:

Technical and non-technical clues to evaluate participants on the basis of technical and non technical knowledge. Three questions to each team were given and from the given 3 questions each team had to decode the hidden clue within three questions.

Round 2:        

Qualified Top 5 teams entered into final round. Participants had to reach to the final destination after solving various clues and technical tasks. Evaluation was based on the capability of teams to solve clues, various physical & mental tasks and time

Branch            : Electronics and Electronics & Telecommunication

Year                : 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Date                : February 19th, 2015

Time               : 11pm to 3pm

Venue             : Front lawn and ET Department DLD & CN Lab

Judges            : Prof. Hiren Patel and Prof. Ghanshyam Rathod

Entries            : 46 Teams

Co-ordinator  :Jigar Joshi/Niral Prajapati

Level               : State