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Clue IT

posted Sep 4, 2015, 4:56 AM by iste students

This event was to enhance the skill of encryption and decryption of program and also the basic knowledge of programming.

Round 1:Analysis round

In this round a logical based paper was there checking your general knowledge skills of computer science and analytical skills, little coding skills and general skills i.e. aptitude skills too and will have maths based logic used in programming in paper and programming sense.

Round 2:Encrypto&Decrypto

In this round encrypted scripts that can be programs, a statement in twisted format was there which were encrypted or decrypted.

Round 3:Cryptanalyst (surprise)

A virtual fight out.

Sub round 1: The team needs to create their own algorithm or program logic using the instruction and task given to them.

Sub round2: The team would be given encrypted scripts of other teams to decrypt.

Branch            : Information Technology

Year                : 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Date                : February 19th,2015

Time               : 8am to 6pm

Venue             : A-223,224 and CP Lab 5 and 6.

Judges            : Prof. VikramAgarwal and Prof. MohsinHasan

Entries            : 38 teams

Co-ordinator  :Yash Mehta

Level               : State