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posted Sep 4, 2015, 4:51 AM by iste students

This event was to increase the technical knowledge, cross word solving techniques, imagination of different views in three dimensions and to make a model of that view. 

Round 1

It was the quiz which includes the general aptitude and technical type MCQ questions with negative markings. It tested the basic fundamentals of the participants and their aptitude skills


Round 2

It had mechanical crossword in which the box of number of alphabetic letters is given as question paper and in given time of 1 minute participants had to find all the mechanical related words from the given grid. It tested the observational skills of the participants when put under a time squeeze


Round 3

Isometric View (top/front) of the object was given. A particular had to make 3D model. It tested the imagination which is a very essential calibre in a mechanical engineer.


Branch            : Mechanical and Production

Year                : All

Date                : February 18th,2015

Time               : 8am to 4pm

Venue             : D-201 and Left side front lawn.

Entries            : 68

Co-ordinator  :Raj Shah

Level               : State