This is the latest Work in Progress version of Network West Midlands for the Open Bve trainsim.

This latest WIP has two of the three planned eras, (2001-2005 and 2006-2010) with 47 driveable diagrams.
 Although it is a WIP, the only area that is lacking proper development is the new Maybank TMD.
 I hope to complete that and the third era, (2011-2015), by May 2019.
 No night diagrams are ready for release at present, but there is a great deal of scenery improvements.

If you already have a copy of any previous versions of NWM it is essential that you rename the existing NWM folders if you wish to keep them.
DO NOT just overwrite the existing copies. You will just end up with a load of driveable route files that will give errors.       

This release is still a work in progress.
The new area that has been added, which includes Maybank TMD, still needs scenery on the left of the depot. 
New buildings are needed, including a wash plant and fuel area, although the trackwork and OLE is complete.

More diagrams have to be added to the 2006-2010 era. A lot of these will be night time diagrams.
Also a third era - 2011-2015, has to be re-written, although a huge amount towards it has been prepared. 
These three eras will have about 100 different driveable diagrams, each of them having a certain amount of randomisation.
There is still a huge amount of additional routes that could be added.
 Extentions from several locations are in preparation, but only when the 2011-2015 era has been released next year.

One final note....some of the freight diagrams in this new release will be randomly taken into passing loops. 
They will stay there for some minutes, and you will just have to wait for the signal to clear. 
The in cab timetable will show the timetable, and to speed up the waiting time you could press Ctl + J which will give time x5.
Pressing Ctl + J again will return time to normal.

Tony Haylor

                         Chiltern Railways Class 168/1 168113 stands at Rushin Park with a service to Marylebone.

                          Freightliner Class 70 70007 departs Maybank.

                        DCR Class 56 56303 waits for the road at Wellingham Ludgate Hill.



These should be downloaded and unzipped to a location on your computer were you do not already have a folder called railway.

The railway download includes the route file.

The sound file should be unzipped in to the railway folder.

Trains should be unzipped into railway/object/NWM_Open as should TTrains.

TTrains contains a folder called trains2 the contents of trains2 should be copied and pasted in to the Trains folder and TTrains can be then deleted.

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