Open Bve Version complete download

All development of Open Bve has stopped and the current 1.4.2 version has a few issues that were not addressed before this happened.
The sounds are played differently so do not play as intended without major remixing being done.
Also many of the textures that make up the external views have transparent or translucent edges to them on my computer.
So I assume many of you may have the same problem.
All the trains on this site are still made in and for any of the 1.2 and below versions of Open Bve.
This version of Open Bve is ready to use once you have added the routes and trains to the correct folders that are already included.
Click on the image to Download.
Does your copy of any version fail to work?
First off have you downloaded everything correctly?
If you are sure you have it's normally the oalinst file that's the problem in the Open Bve folder.
Click on it, the oalinst file is not installed , click run and then OK in the next window.
It's often the problem why Open Bve does not start in all versions of Windows.
If you think you may have got it wrong, it's better to download this version as it has everything in the right places.
So doing the above should correct it if it will not run, even with this complete version of Open Bve.
Sorry, I can't comment what to do in another OS.