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Coming Soon....Air Pressure Project Pictures!! Stay tuned!!
Week of April 8 - April 12   Science 6          
SOL 6.1 (a, i), 6.3 (d), 6.6 (b,e,f)
Monday, April 8-  


*Chapter 12, Section 4 Guided Reading Summary (Water in the Atmosphere)
*Chapter 12, Section 4 Study Guide 
*Vocabulary Flash Cards
(Vocabulary 12-4: evaporation, humidity, relative humidity, psychrometer, condensation, dew point, cumulus, stratus, cirrus, meterologists)

-Complete Study Guide for  "Water in the Atmosphere" 12-4
*Quiz on Vocabulary 12-4 and 12-5/Textbook will be on Friday, April 12

Tuesday, April 9- 

*Clouds (Water in the Atmosphere) Power Point Presentation
-Storm Cloud Song & Correlated Activities
*Texbook Activity- Water in the Atmosphere (Chapter 12, Sect. 4)
- Vocabulary Crossword for 12-4
-Study for quiz on Friday, April 12 (Chapter 12, Sections 4 and 5)
Wednesday, April 10- 

*How Clouds Form Lab Activity
-Discover connection between dew point and formation of clouds
*Video Clips- Water in the Air/Weather Watchers
*Chapter 12, Section 5 Guided Reading Summary (Precipitation)
New Vocabulary for 12-5 (precipitation, rain gauge, drought)

-Complete Review and Reinforce (if not completed in class)
-Study for quiz on Friday, April  12 (Chapter 12, Sections 4 and 5)
Thursday, April 11-
*Chapter 12, Section 5 Study Guide (Precipitation)
*Textbook Activity- Chapter 12, Section 5 (Precipitation)
*Whole Group Review of Chapter 12, Sections 4 and 5
*Group Interactive Activity (Edheads Interactive Weather) 
-Study for quiz on vocabulary and textbook study guides for Chapter 12, Sections 4 and 5 (quizlet.com)
Friday, April 12- 

*Online Vocabulary Quiz (quizlet.com/ username-lforquer)
-Students should practice vocabulary for Chapter 12, Sect. 4 (Water in the Atmosphere) and Chapter 12, Sect. 5 (Precipitation).  Go to quizlet.com for practice activities.
*Textbook QUIZ- Chapter 12, Sections 4 and 5
-Be sure to use Study Guides 12-4 and 12-5
None (Chapter 12 TEST is next week)
Parents...Check out the Irrigation Project and Boxerwood Field Trip Pictures!!     
Coming Soon....Air Pressure Project Pictures!     
6th Grade Irrigation Project Presentations - October 2012
Drip Irrigation with Adjustable Sprayers Poster Group Project- Kagen and Stone
Futuristic Irrigation Invention-
Group Project (Maggie, Hannah N. and Allison)
Sprinkler Irrigation Model - Madison D.
Past and Present Irrigation Systems- Power Point Slide Show Group Project (Eme and Grace B.)
Working Pump Irrigation Model- Group Project (Jayla and Mattie)
Reservoir/Drip Irrigation Invention with Adjustable Pipes/Flow Controls- Isaac
Edible Sprinkler Irrigation System with Icing Water Works! YUM!! Group Project (Sophie and Kendra)
Boxerwood Field Trip Pics: October 9, 2012 (Thanks to the wonderful Boxerwood staff and the folks at the Buena Vista Waste Water Treatment Plant for their part in making this a great field trip!! )

Glen Maury Park River Exploration- Boxerwood Program Staff
In the Glen Maury River looking for macro-invertebrates
Securing the net after collecting sample
It takes a group working together to successfully collect samples
Looks like a great catch!
Sorting and classifying our macro-invertebrates
A Scientist at work explaining to us what each of the macro-invertebrates represents for our river
Testing river water samples to see if our river is healthy. We did several different tests to ensure accurate results.
A closer look at our water testing results. Do you think our river water is healthy? YES! Our tests show that it is in excellent condition! :)
Buena Vista Waste Water Treatment Plant
Working the lever in one of the tanks to clean the waste water. It is a long process...but worth it so that clean water goes back into the river.

Not all were brave enough to check this out. Guess what it is? Hint....Bugs at work

A few more of the brave ones...love the expressions.

In the lab learning about the tests used to ensure the water released into the river is healthy. Miss Tracy does an excellent job! The kids loved all of her cool lab equipment. :)