Copyright Free Images for Teachers and Students

Always check a website's use policy.
Just because something is on the Internet, doesn't mean it's copyright free
or that you can use it, copy it, download, etc.

Best Choices

J. Paul Getty Museum Open Content (Only the Open Content Images may be used for free - only search that part of the website.) Many historical photographs, drawings and paintings as well as copies of old manuscripts. Lots of copyright free images. The few that aren't are clearly marked. Kid friendly. All images are free and in the public domain or creative commons. Lots of free images including famous people, bands, sports and much more. Many different categories of copyright free images for teachers and students.  All free pics, kid friendly site All free, designed for teachers and kids All free pics  The Smithsonian Institution - Low resolution images may be downloaded for free. Better quality images have a small fee. Free clipart for everyone. Covers wide range of topics and includes both photos and illustrations.

Other Possibilities
Not all images on the sites listed below are free or available for web use. Read the use rules for the site as well as the description for each image carefully before downloading.