Mr. Gibson's Technology Education Web Site

Hello and welcome to Mr. Gibson's Technology Education web site.  Students will learn all sorts of fun and useful information.  Below you will find our classes and a general description of what is covered.  The activities link will display a calendar that has current assignments listed on it. 

Introductions to Technology 8:  This course covers a wide range of topics including land, air, and space travel, energy,  simple machines, and power, and serves as an introduction to more advanced technology classes. Students complete projects such as CO2 cars, airplanes, rockets, and design structures.

Robotics .  This course incorporates NXT and EV3 Lego robotic kits with  programing to enable the robots to complete simple tasks.

Computer Aided Design & Drafting:  Students in this course will explore basic drafting skills.  Once they have the basics, they will study AutoCad.  AutoCad is drafting software used in many business and industries.  They will design model decks and rooms, then build them.

Communications:  Students is this class will use different technologies  of  communication through video production, digital photography, Image editing with photoshop,  They will apply their new skills to create projects during the year.

Graphic Communications:  This course will expand on Communications, going in to digital imaging and editing in detail.  Students will also study presentation software and digital video.