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Korçë or Korça is a city in southeastern Albania and the capital of the Korçë District. It has a population of around 105,000 people, making it the sixth largest city in Albania. It stands on a plateau some 850 m (2,789 ft) above sea level, surrounded by the Morava Mountains.
Korçë has a transitional mediterranean climate (or continental mediterranean climate) with high temperature amplitudes. 
The hottest month is August (25 °C (77 °F)) while January (2 °C (36 °F)) is the coldest.
Korçë is called the city of museums. 
The National Museum of Medieval Art of Albania, has a rich archives of ca. 6500 icons and 500 other objects in textile, stone and metal. 
The National Museum of Archeology is located in Korçë. 
The first Albanian School as well as the house of the painter Vangjush Mio and his gallery function as museums. 
Another museum in Korçë is the Bratko Museum and the Oriental Museum.

 Hotel  GEORGE
Address : Rruga  ,Korçë - Mborje , ALBANIA
Tel : ++355 82 43794

27 rooms, 36 beds, restaurant, parking.

Address : Rruga B. Repushka , Korçë , ALBANIA
Tel : ++355 82 45241

5 rooms, 10 beds , restaurant, parking.

Hotel  GOLD 
Address: Rruga Kiço Golniku ,Nr .5 , Korçë, ALBANIA
Tel :& Fax : ++355 82 46894

9 rooms, 15 beds, restaurant , parking.