The TCA Logo

The Plum Blossom,Known as Mei Hwa, it is China's National Flower. This tiny, beautiful blossom, which blooms even in the coldest winter holds great meaning to the Chinese people as it symbolizes nobility and strenght of character as well as courage and persistency. Timber City Academy believes such rare qualities characterize the values for which it stands.

The Triangular Border. The three corners of the triangle represent spiritually, temporality and humanity - the three aspects of lifes reality on which man show address himself, be responsible for and committed to.

Timber City Academy is dedicated to the cultivation and development of the awareness and responsibility related to these three aspects.

The History

"Timber City Academy" formerly known as Butuan Chinese School, was established some time in 1947 by the Chinese community through the sponsorship of the Chinese Chamber then a-forming. Considering on the significant environs, the chamber believed that there was a need to build an institution that could a well balanced curriculum and would preserve and propagate Filipino-Chinese not only its language but its culture as well

Since ample commercial establishments, shipping firms, logging companies and sawmills bestowed financial subsidy through voluntary monthly contribution, the school initially offered free education to all who wished to study in the newly established institution encouraging many families as possible to enroll including non-Chinese children.

Eventually,Timber City Academy obtained desirable number of enrollees and had been recognized city-wide. Moreover, because the school was under the umbrella of Agusan-Filipino Chinese chamber, it was solely administered by the officers of the Chamber headed by the President of the Board of Trustees:

Hon. Santiago Tan (Jan. 1965- Dec. 1971), followed by Hon. Bonifacio Tan (Jan.1968-1969), Hon. Nge Se Tick (Jan. 1970-Dec. 1971) and again Hon. Uy Tiong Lu (Jan. 1972- Nov. 1980)

Not until President Ferdinand Marcos emphasized the Filipinization law that the school had put its own Board of Trustees thus, separated from the Chamber's authority although was still well-supported. In November of 1980, Timber City Academy was under the presidency of Jose T. Ching who was recognized as the "Adopted Son of Butuan City" as the city's grateful appreciation when he donated 10 units of 2 rooms school buildings to Butuan City and the Agusan Provinces. Following Mr. Ching were:

Victor Chan (1980-1983), Mr.Chua Hai (1983-1985), Mr Tiu Bing Kun (1985-1987), Mr Felipe T. Gumagay (1987-1989),

Mr Martin C. Ting (1989-1994), Mr Peter C. Dy (1994-2012), 

Mrs. Anita A. Go from to 2012 up to the Present.

In 2001, TCA had been the venue as Butuan City celebrated is 1000th Anniversary of Trade/Tribute Mission to China. The school welcomed the entire delegation from China headed by the Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency Wan Chun-Gui

Since then, from humble beginnings the school metamorphosed into an institution offering complete basic education --- from pre-school, elementary and secondary courses --- producing students who excel in different areas. Timber City Academy has shone and became champion in different competitions: Math Olympiads 

conducted by the Department of Education (DepEd), oratorical contests sponsored by the private and public establishments (Butuan City Water District, K Of C and POPDEV), Press Conferences, Debates, Quiz Bee and the like, Moreover, during the NCEE, TCA had been the consistent top-notcher

At present, Timber City Academy continues to produce graduates of Pre-School, Elementary and High School who are values-oriented, competent and competitive not only locally but even globally.