Butte County Graduation Requirements


ENGLISH                        8 Credits

SENIOR PROJECT       1 Credit
MATH                              6 Credits (2 must be done during senior year unless Calculus is completed by end of                                                                                                                    junior year)

SCIENCE                         6 Credits 

SOCIAL STUDIES         6 Credits (US History 10, US History 11, Government)

HUMANITIES                2 Credits (Fine Arts, Jazz Band, Choir, Music Appreciation, World Cultures, etc.)

ECONOMICS                  1 Credits

HEALTH                          1 Credit

COMPUTERS                  2 Credits (Keyboarding, Comp. Applications, Graphic Design, etc.)

SPEECH                           1 Credit

PE                                       2 Credits

ELECTIVES                    12 Credits

                    TOTAL   =   48

Idaho High School Graduation Minimum Requirements - click on PDF noted below               
Jaci Hill,
Nov 8, 2017, 2:18 PM