Most companies are highly focused on their core businesses and core customers.
Opportunity Associates  will help you look at those opportunities that you might not currently be considering
While you may be aware of some of these opportunities, our systematic approach will help you:
  1. Identify more of them.
  2. Help you compare them.
  3. Analyze their value.

We Will Help You:

  • Generate new revenues from current assets.
  • Win share with products that align closely with customer needs and wants.
  • Design products that are clearly superior to the competition's
  • Predict your competition's next new products - Legally.
  • Lower your product development costs.
  • Cut your time to market.
  • Protect your invention with an Affordable patent.
  • Get more revenue from your intellectual property investment.
  • Start your new business faster with fewer mistakes and time wasting detours.

Finding Organizing and Exploiting Overlooked Opportunities in Your Business

Every business has opportunities it doesn't exploit. Sometimes they are just ideas that pass quickly through someone's head and other times they are complex concepts which have been thoroughly studied and then for some reason or another end up on the shelf gathering dust.

Its not hard to see why this happens. Most of the time in business, we are consumed with the everyday issues of finding and satisfying customers. We allocate those activities to what we call "The Business Comfort Zone" or Quadrant I in the above chart.

The trouble with this Quadrant I is that its highly unlikely you can operate their forever selling the same products to the same customers. The world is constantly changing. Someday something will happen and your Quadrant I business will start to disappear. Sometimes its in a crises and sometime it happens slowly. But it will happen eventually.

When your Quadrant I business goes away suddenly you are forced into the other three quadrants, either selling existing products to new customers (Quadrant II) , selling new products to existing customers (Quadrant III) or the most risky alternative, new products to new customers (Quadrant IV) .

The Opportunity Portfolio  Process offers a planned approach to this situation, so your business can continuously exploit new business ideas and profits rather than scramble to stay afloat