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Science 5 solar system unit by rcurry

Our Science Curriculum
  1. August-October--Unit B  Water on Earth
    1. Creek Walk
    2. Adopt-A-Creek
    3. Valley Water Visit
  2. November-January -- Unit C Weather and the Solar System
    1. Interaction with Weather Reports and possible weather forecaster
    2. Project Astro Unit
    3. Comet ISON Prepare for Thanksgiving Comet Viewing with your family
  3. February-March -- Unit A  System of Living Things
    1. Animal Project
    2. Amazing Aquatic Adventures Project
    3. Connection to Science Camp
  4. April - June -- Unit D -- Elements and their Combinations
    1. Matter Project
Other trips to be scheduled:  Tech Museum
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Grade 5 Textbook Resources

Unit A: The Life Processes
Unit B: Interactions Among Living Things
Unit C: Earth Systems
Unit D: Atmosphere and Solar System
Unit E: Kinds of Matter
Unit F: Forms of Energy

Great 5th Grade Science Sites
Resources Created by other educators:

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Science Videos solar system unit by rcurry

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