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Language Arts 5

Our newly adopted English Language Arts program, from Benchmark Education, is a 21st century approach to Reading, Writing, English Language Development and reading in the content areas.

     Benchmark truly is a 21st century reading resources, with a multitude of e-books students will have access to.  Learn more:

YouTube Video

The learning objectives are clearly stated throughout each section and lesson.

YouTube Video

Our district adopted the Unit of Study Writing Program in the 2016-17 school year.

This comprehensive program focuses on the 3 Main Writing  Units needed for student proficiency:

  • Opinion
  • Informational Writing /Research
  • Narrative
Dr. Lucy Caulkins Explains the Systemic Approach of Her Writing Program

Old Text Program Retired June 9, 2017
 Theme 1  Nature's Fury   Overview Video
 Theme 4
 Theme 2 Give It All You've Got
 Theme 5 One Land, Many Trails
 Theme 3  Voices of the Revolution
 Theme 6  Animal Encounters
A Quizlet Vocabulary Review with images has been added for every story.

Access Reading Text Book and Practice Book On-line

Houghton-Mifflin Reading / Language Arts  (Expires 30 June 2017)

Go to:

Choose: Reading & Language Arts

Choose: Excursions

Choose: California for the state

Choose: Tustin Unified for the district

Choose: Red Hill Elementary for the school

User name: grade5

Password: student

    Selection Presentations (.pdf) Samples for Theme 1 Only
                Theme 1 Opener: Nature's Fury
Great External Resources from other educators

Use this web resource to practice spelling and vocabulary words.

Spelling Puzzles 5

We have resources for every selection in the Basal Reader

We will focus on writing this year.  

Great External Resources from other Sources
Review Games for Grammar
Audio Files of Reading Stories

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