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Class Procedures

Ways for Parents to Contact Mr. Curry

     Parents and Guardians are strongly encouraged to contact Mr. Curry.  My school email is .  My main email is .  The school's main phone number is 408-923-1970.  My direct classroom number is 923-1800 ext 3826.
The best way to contact me is via Google Voice at:
408-430-2842 (Voice Mail/Text)
This system will send me both a text and a voice mail from the number listed to my email and to my unpublished private phone number.

In the first week of school, I will send home a form inviting you to provide me with your email addresses  as I will send out a weekly email link with that week's assignments and important reminders .
You will also get a request to sign up for text notifications through Remind 101.

In class, we will use Class Dojo to help motivate student cooperation in a fun and engaging way.  Watch the video  to find out more about this system.  

Class Procedures for Mr. Curry's Class

What do I do if my pencil breaks, or my pen runs out of ink, or I don‘t have a piece of writing  paper, etc.?

  • If you need a pencil or paper during a lesson and there are none from the table supply bin, attempt to borrow from an immediate tablemate until the end of the lesson.  If that's not possible, quietly and quickly, go to the supply container near the file cabinet.
  • Likewise, you should have 2 sharpened pencils at the start of each day.  If you need to sharpen the pencil during a lesson, do so quietly and quickly. 
What do I do if I finish my classroom assignment early?
  • Read!  You can also study for an upcoming test.  Read your book assigned for literature.  Read a book of your own choosing that you have brought to school with you.  Do not do your homework, as homework is to be done at home (or at homework center) unless the teacher tells you otherwise.
What do I do when the fire alarm goes off?
  • Leave your school work and books where they are.  Quietly exit the classroom and line up outside as a group.  We will proceed to the assembly point for the school together as a class.
What do I do if I have a question during a lesson being presented by the teacher?
  • Raise your hand and ask that question when called upon!  There are no dumb questions.
  • What do I do if I have a question during an in-class assignment or a test?
    • If you believe the question is of immediate importance to everyone, raise your hand normally and  I will call upon you and attempt to answer your question.

    What do I do if I need personal help during the course of an assignment.... e.g., I don’t understand the material or the question being asked?

    • Raise your hand in a fist and the teacher or aide will come to your desk.
    What if I need to use the restroom?
    • Sorry, you should have thought about that before you arrived in our classroom.  If it is an "emergency", come up and ask the teacher politely and get a pass.
    What do we do when we first enter the classroom?
    • Proceed quietly to your  desk with all materials needed for the class.  Normally, we start each day with a quiet activity while the teacher collects homework, and takes attendance.
    What do I do if I am thirsty?

    Students are allowed to have plastic water bottles in class.  They must have ONLY water in them (frozen water is o.k.).  Students need to refill the bottles before school or at either recess or lunchtime.  Our classroom does have a sink with water fountain but the water quality cannot be assured.

    How do we turn in class assignments?
    • Unless told otherwise, bring your paper to the turn-in box and put the papers into the inbox for your subject and period.
    • When the teacher collects all assignments at the same time (especially tests), we usually pass them towards the "door side" of the room
    What should I do about my homework and other assignments if I am absent?
      Obtain information about the assignment from a fellow student via telephone, e-mail, or the classroom  website.   Responsibility to complete the assignment does not change. 
    How do I format my papers for this class?
    • Unless otherwise directed, place period # and student number (to be assigned) in the upper left hand corner of the paper.  Place name and date on the first lined lines.   Below that, place the subject and Page #s below that.

      Full Name: Bart Simpson
    Student #             C-12
    Date of Assignment  September  10, 2013

    Subject/Assignment/Page #
    Social Studies Page  65, # 1-6

      1.  The  types  of  land forms  in the United States include  coastal plains, mountain ranges, high plains, river valleys, deltas, mesas, plateau, desert, canyons and waterways.


    1. Not all homework assignments are collected as some are simply checked. However no late homework will be accepted (see What is late homework below).

    2. All work due while absent must be made up by the student within one school day of their return and must be clearly identified and highlighted as “absent” work at the top of the paper. 

    3. A proper heading must be on all work. 

    What is late homework?  Assignments are late when the due date has arrived, the work has been collected and students have not made any prior arrangements with the teacher

    our class rules
    In order to help students learn in a productive learning environment, certain class rules have been established. Students and their parent/guardian(s) are expected to be familiar with the class rules and the consequences listed below. 
    Class Rules 

    1. Students will pay attention and not cause distractions. 

    2. Students will show respect for all classmates, staff, themselves and respect property. 

    3. Students will quietly do their own work. 

    4. Students will complete their assignments on time and in all other ways be responsible. 

    5. Students will follow directions and established procedures.


    1. Students will be given a verbal warning. 

    2. Students will be given a second warning and the name will be written down. 

    3. Students will need to talk to the teacher at which time the teacher may assign a written reflection assignment, which will need to be signed by their parent/guardian.. 

    4. Students will be given detention at a break time or after school.

    5. Students will be Referred to the Principal's Office. 

    Depending on the seriousness of a problem, the teacher may skip any or all steps.