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This is the main site for Mr. Curry's Class Curriculum files.
This site will be the place where all the Google Drive documents will be accessed from.

Common Core Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

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Class Behavior Plan

Students will receive both individual and group points for monthly rewards drawings.
 Students can personalize their Class Dojo avatar and keep track of their reward points.

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Field Trips
We are currently on a waiting list for the O'Neill Sea Odyssey field trip.  We will definitely have a Creek Study/Clean-Up field trip, as well as Science Camp, the Tech Museum and a walking trip to the Educational Park Branch Library.  I am constantly looking for fun educational experiences for our students.

Mr Curry's Class Field Trip (On Waiting List for This Year)

Project Based Learning
I have years of experience in creating engaging student projects, many of them as ways for student to learn technology and collaboration skills to cover the various content subject and the Common Core standards.  We will also participate in Project Astro to learn about the Solar System with an astrophysicist from Stanford University, and learn about Stocks with the Stock Market Game, making Movies with BizMovie, and many other innovative activities.

We welcome family member volunteers to help in any number of ways.  Contact Mr. Curry.  If anyone is really proficient with computers, we can use help maintaining our classroom "mini-lab" which has several older PC's.

Student Supplies  (click to view or download the list)
We ask that all students have the following supplies by August 28th.  Those students who do not have the ability to purchase them, will be provided with them by Mr. Curry.

Classroom Needs
We are always in need of copy paper and facial tissue.  Of course, cash donations and gift cards for Staples are always appreciated. On occasion, we will send home special requests.

 While it would be great if all students and parents had Google accounts, we do have a shared class account at:

User Name:

PW: mrcurryrocks

 To submit work online to Mr. Curry, go to

Request the password from Mr. Curry