The University is extending facilities/ services / consultation in the following areas.To avail any of the services please 
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 Services / Expertise areas  

 Business Administration
(Human Resource)
 Computer lab in thin-client environment .
 Consultancy services in different areas of human resource management.

 Production of plant growth promoting micro organisms as bio fertilizer ,phytosimulator ,& biocontroling agents and their application for  suitable agriculture. 
 Mushroom cultivation .
 Medicinal plant. 

 Analysis of unknown chemicals.
 Trace metal analysis in water sample.
 Analysis of radioactive sample.
 Synthesis of functional materials.
 Chemical structure of Bio-active compounds. 
  Computer Science 
 Database (Oracle 11g,MySQL)  Software Development (JSDK) .
 Web development (LAMP). 
 Software Design.
 Mathematical Modelling (MATLAB).

 Training program in computer applications in business using softwares like SPSS, EVIEWS, SHAZAM, STATA .
 Training program in Survey Techniques.
 Training program in Financial Market Operations.
 Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports for Industry/Corporate bodies that are mandatory for  Project Clearance.
 Preparation of Assessment/Evaluative Reports of Government Schemes etc.

 Foreign Languages
 Translation of documents in French, Russian  & German.
  Interpretation services in the aforesaid languages.

 Soil Laboratory to Evaluate Soil Status – NPK, organic matter etc.
 Analysis of Satellite Data.
 Weather data from Weather Station.

 Translation Methode from Hindi to English & Vice-versa and Hindi Teaching Programme.
 Translation Methode from Hindi to English & Vice-versa and Hindi Teaching Programme.
 Hindi Teaching Programme.                                                                                                                                                                

 Department of Library and Information Science
 Expertise to establish new and customize existing Online Public Access Catalogs, Digital Libraries, Online Databases, etc and provide  training in applications of software pertaining to these.

 Expertise to establish Institutional Digital Repositories, Digital Libraries, etc and provide training in applications of software pertaining  to  these.

 Nonlinear system & Chaos theory.
 Differential geometry with application to general theory of relativity and cosmology.
 Computational Optimization.
 Application of Functional Analysis in fixed point theory.
 Density topology and generalized sets.
 Atomic molecular collision, bound statics under external fields.
 Semi ring theory & Graph theory.
 Computational fluid dynamics.
 Study of convergences of sequences.

 Sealed line tunable CW low power CO2 laser (5 Watt) .
 Moderate energy (650 mJ) pulsed (10 ns) Nd:YAG and tunable Dye (3mJ)  lasers. 
 Laser radiation at any specific wavelength within 0.35 to 4 µm can also be offered through nonlinear frequency  conversion.
 UV-VISIBLE Spectrophtometer For spectroscopic analysis of solutions.
 Consultancy service on geo-location and tracking using GNSS and GSM.
 High frequency T&M Services (Up to 40 GHz).                 

 Statistics Software Training 

 Fluorescence Microscope.
 Real time PCR.
 Cell culture facility.
 Thalassemia gen test.