Teacher Outline

Unit 1: Political Socialization and Political Ideology

Political Socialization/Ideology PowerPoint

Key terms/concepts
political socialization
Gender Gap
Political ideology
terms as they are defined in the American Voter study
nature of the times
group benefit votes
no issue-content-voters
Culture War
Various socializing agents and their roles/level of impact
Trends in political behavior in relation to
    - gender
    - party identification
Trends associated with liberals and conservatives on specific issues.(role/size of government; military, civil rights etc.)

Unit 2: Constitutional Underpinnings

Constitutional Underpinnings PowerPoint

Chapter 2 Constitutional foundations Study Guide

Unit 3: Federalism

Federalism PowerPoint

Federalism Study Guide

Unit 2: Linkage Institutions (political parties, interest groups, mass media)

Chapter 9- Nomination/ Presidential Primary Process Powerpoint.

Primary election
allocation of delegates
Delegates (pledged and unpledged)
Binding primary
Super delegate
Closed primary
Open primary
Super Tuesday
proportional distribution
Proposals for reform (national, regional primarie

Chapter 8: Political Parties Study Guide

Political Parties PowerPoint

Chapter 11: Interest Groups Study Guide

interest groups powerpoint

Chapter 6: Public Opinion and Public Action Study Guide

Chapter 6 Public Opinion and Public Action PowerPoint.

Chapter 7: The Mass Media Study Guide

Mass Media and Public Policy PowerPoint

Unit 3: Campaigns and Elections (Elections- the last of the linkage institutions.

 Chapter 9 and 10 Campaigns and Elections Powerpoint

Chapter 9 and 10 Elections and Voting study Guide

Unit 6: Congress

Congress Powerpoint

Congress Study Guide

Unit 7: The Presidency
Presidency PowerPoint

Presidency Study Guide

MID-TERM Resources

HUGE VOCAB List for Mid-term

Mid-term Exam Sheet

Unit 8 The Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy PowerPoint

Study Guide

Unit 9: The Federal Budget

Chapter 14: Federal Budget Study Guide

Federal Budget PowerPoint

AP Exam Review:

Cram for the Exam CSPAN Call in show

How to Calculate your Exam Score

Key Pieces of Legislation and Political Relevance

Voter Trends
Youth Vote
Charts that deal with race, gender, income etc. (scroll to last section)
Demographics and Party Affiliation

Must Know Vocab from second half of class

Practice Free Response Questions

Test your Knowledge: Supreme Court Cases

Supreme Court Cases Review Exercise

Unit 11: Public Policy Areas

Chapter 20: National Security Policymaking Study Guide

Chapter 18 and 19 social welfare, healthcare, environmental and energy policy

Chapter 17: Economic Policymaking Study Guide

Unit 8 The Judiciary

Chapter 5: Civil Rights Study Guide

Chapter 4 study guide civil liberties

Study Guide

Unit 7 The Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy PowerPoint

Study Guide

Unit 4 Modern theories of American Democracy
elitist class theory

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