mHIVE World AIDS Day 2018 Symposium 

This year's mHIVE Symposium was held on Friday 30th November at the A+ Campus and focused on:
HIV, Ageing and Co-morbidities: The Challenges of
Living with Chronic HIV

The fourth Melbourne HIV Exchange (mHIVE) World AIDS Day (WAD) symposium brought together and celebrated the key roles of HIV-affected community members, clinicians and researchers and recognised how their partnership will ultimately work towards treating and preventing age-related diseases in people living with HIV.

We would like to thank our World AIDS Day invited speakers:  Mr John Manwaring, A/Prof Peter Hunt,  Dr Olga Vujovic, Ms Heather Ellis, Mr David Menadue AO, Dr Anna Hearps and the many young investigators that gave oral and poster presentations which resulted in lots of fascinating discussions and hopefully new collaborations!

We would also like to thank our sponsors and partners ViiV Healthcare, MSD, Gilead, Living Positive Victoria
and The Alfred Hospital for without the day would not be possible.

Congratulations to the winners of the mHIVE World AIDS Day Awards

In 2018, there were 4 prizes available to students and early-mid career researcher (EMCR) presentations selected from abstracts.

ViiV Healthcare AIDS Scholarship ($5000)* - Best oral presentation - Dr Jenn Zerbato, Doherty Institute

mHIVE Oral Presentation Prize ($400) Runner up oral presentation - Dr Matt Parsons, Doherty Institute

mHIVE EMCR Poster Prize ($200) Best early-mid career researcher (EMCR) poster presentation - Michael Traeger, Burnet Institute

mHIVE Student Poster Prize ($200) Best student poster presentation - Emily Waring, RMIT University

- mHIVE Collaborative Seed grant ($5000) - Dr Georges Khoury (Doherty Institute), Dr Jenn Zerbato (Doherty Institute), Dr Brendan Russ (Monash University) and Dr Sneha Sant (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

A/Prof Peter Hunt’s Keynote presentation:

For those of you who were unable to attend mHIVE WAD this year- with the assistance of Burnet’s Media and Communications team we were able film Keynote speaker A/Prof Peter Hunt’s presentation: 

 A/Prof Peter Hunt: 

“ Chronic inflammation in treated HIV-infection: Where to intervene?”

YouTube Video

Please visit the below youtube website link to view his outstanding presentation:

World AIDS Day 2018 photos
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mHIVE World AIDS Day Symposium is proudly organised in partnership with the
Victorian World AIDS Day Community Launch and Community Forum


Keynote Speaker: 

Division of Experimental Medicine
University of California San Francisco

Peter Hunt is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Experimental Medicine at UCSF.  His primary research focus is on the inflammatory consequences of HIV infection.  His translational research program seeks to understand both the causes and consequences of persistent immune activation both in the presence and the absence of antiretroviral therapy.  He collaborates extensively with a multi-disciplinary team of investigators to assess the impact of persistent immune activation on mortality and chronic diseases associated with aging as well as on the persistence of HIV in cellular reservoirs.  He also conducts pilot clinical trials of novel immune-based interventions designed to decrease immune activation and recently completed a term as Chair of the Inflammation Committee of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group.  Dr. Hunt has also led a translational research program in Mbarara, Uganda, focused on the determinants of immune recovery during suppressive antiretroviral therapy in that setting and has helped develop a large mucosal immunology program at San Francisco General Hospital focused on the impact of HIV on gut-associated lymphoid tissue and the determinants of microbial translocation in HIV infection.  In July, 2016, he also started a laboratory to identify the determinants of persistent adaptive immune defects in treated HIV infection, which likely contribute to infectious and neoplastic complications and may also serve as barriers to HIV cure.
Clinical Perspective: 
                        The Alfred Hospital
                        Monash University
Dr Olga Vujovic is an Infectious Diseases Physician at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and heads the Victorian HIV Consultancy. The consultancy is a multidisciplinary team based at the Alfred offering care-coordination, and nursing and medical support for people living with HIV (PLHIV) with limited access to mainstream HIV services. This includes rural clients, individuals with a history of disengagement from mainstream health care, those from culturally and linguistically diverse  backgrounds, aging PLHIV and women. Dr Vujovic has recently completed a sabbatical at Yale University with Frederick Alice whose research focuses on the intersection between infectious diseases and substance use disorders.

 Community Speakers: 
                 Positive Speakers Bureau
                 Living Positive Victoria
             Chair, Positive Women Victoria

Heather is a journalist and author and mother of three.

In 1993, at the age of 28, she embarked on a solo world motorcycle journey through Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Russia and China. A year later she was diagnosed with HIV in London. By 1997 she became very ill and returned to Australia to be treated and very unsure if she would survive.

Her subsequent recovery meant she went back to university, married and also wrote a manuscript about her travels around the world and coming to terms with being HIV positive. In 2016, at the age of 52 years, she could no longer hide from the world. Heather stood up to stigma and the shame society places on those living with HIV and published her story called Ubuntu: one woman’s motorcycle odyssey across Africa.

                 Positive Speakers Bureau
                  Living Positive Victoria

David Menadue is a former secondary teacher and has lived with HIV since 1984, making him one of the longest surviving people with HIV in Australia.

David is a founding member of what is now Living Positive Victoria's Speakers Bureau, joining in 1989 - a time when few people were prepared to be open about their HIV status due to the prevailing discrimination and hostile attitudes expressed in the media and in broader society. Since then he has been a vocal advocate for people with HIV, sharing with the broader community his experience of living with HIV & AIDS since the 1980's and about the changes and effects of antiretroviral treatments (both good and bad) over this time.

In 2003 David published his autobiography titled Positive.

Also featuring short talks and poster presentations by 
students and early-mid career researchers (EMCR) from selected abstracts.


OFFICIAL VICTORIAN WORLD AIDS DAY - Hosted by Living Positive Victoria

9:00-11:00 - Official Victorian World AIDS Day
                    Opening Address - Peter Breadon, Executive Director - Community Participation, Health and Wellbeing Division,                                    Department of Health and Human Services
                    Keynote speaker - Prof Mark Stoove, Burnet Institute
                    Community Perspective - Dr Susan Paxton and Julien Fournier, Living Positive Victoria

11:00-12:00 - World AIDS Day Community Forum - Living and Ageing with HIV - Rising to the Challenge
                    Panel discussion moderated by Dr Chris Lemoh, President of the Victorian African Health Action Network
                    The panel will feature Dr Clovis Palmer, Head, Palmer Laboratory Burnet Institute, Dr Liz Crock, Bolton Clarke                        Clinical Nurse Consultant/Team Coordinator, David Menadue OAM, HIV activist and Bev Greet, HIV activist.


mHIVE WORLD AIDS DAY SYMPOSIUM - Hosted by the Melbourne HIV Exchange

1:00-1:05 -  Welcome Address - Prof Gilda Tachedjian, Burnet Institute

1:05-1:15 - Official Opening Address - Mr John Manwaring, Senior Policy Officer, Department of Heath and Human Services

SESSION ONE - Chair: Prof Gilda Tachedjian, Burnet Institute

1:15-2:10 - Keynote Presentation - A/Prof Peter Hunt - Chronic inflammation in treated HIV-infection: where to intervene?

2:10-2:30 - Clinical Perspective - Dr Olga Vujovic - A Tale of Two Cities

2:30-2:35 - Special Address - Prof Mark Stoove, Burnet Institute

2:35-3:30 - AFTERNOON TEA BREAK and Poster Viewing

SESSION TWO - Chair: Prof Jenny Hoy, Alfred Hospital

3:30-4:00 - Community Perspective - Ms Heather Ellis and Mr David Menadue - Living with HIV: past and future challenges

4:00-5:00 - ViiV Healthcare Oral Award Finalists Session - Young Investigators

                  Dr Matthew Parsons - Seminal plasma does not diminish the protective efficacy of anti-HIV-1 broadly neutralizing                                                              antibodies.

                  Mr Michael Traeger - Perceived necessity of pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV acquisition and concerns about                                                       using pre-exposure prophylaxis among gay and bisexual men enrolled in the PrEPX study.

                  Ms Sarah Byrnes - Characterising the immunological phenotypes of myeloid cells in HIV-associated neurocognitive                                                     disorders

                  Dr Jenn Zerbato - Intrahepatic HIV is associated with adverse liver outcomes in HIV-HBV co-infection.

5:00-5:30 - REFRESHMENTS and Poster Viewing

5:30 - Presentation of ViiV Healthcare AIDS Scholarship and mHIVE oral and poster prizes: Michael Grant, Viiv Healthcare                       Major Sponsor Representative and Prof Gilda Tachedjian

         Presentation of mHIVE Collaborative Seed Grant: Prof Gilda Tachedjian, Burnet Institute

         Presentation of Melbourne HIV Cure Consortium Grants: Craig Burnett, Chair of the MHCC Community Advisory Board.

5:40 - Official Closing - Dr Anna Hearps, Burnet Institute

VENUE FOR ALL EVENTS: AMREP Education Centre, A+ Campus (formerly AMREP), 80 Commercial Road, Melbourne, 3004

The 2018 mHIVE WAD program is sponsored by:

The 2018 mHIVE WAD program is supported by our symposium partners:

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