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Open Letter Regarding Volunteerism April 24, 2017

Letter to Families - Volunteering - 2017-04-24

Open Letter Regarding Athletic Competition August 23, 2016

Letter to Families - Athletic Competition 2016-08-23

Opening Letter 2016-2017

Letter - 2016-2017 Opening Letter to Families August 2016

Open Letter Regarding Transportation Issues May 6, 2016

Letter to Families - Transportation Concerns 2016-05-05

Letter - Warning for Parents - 13 Reasons Why

Letter to Families - Warning for Parents- 13 Reasons Why - 2017-04-29

Letter to Burlington Township Families Regarding Mercury Containing Gymnasium Floor

Letter to BTSD Families - Mercury Abatement at YS Gym - 2016-02-17


This is a collection of some of the wonderful things happening in Burlington Township Schools!  Please come back and visit often.

Notices and Important Information

Letters and information regarding: