Welcome to Third Grade

Student of the Month
September- Sophia Traore 
October-  Fatema Hussain 
November- Adriana Bonafiglia
December- Vanessa Wolf
January-  Miles Beckley
February- Noah Holt 
March- Luca Allevik   

Back to School Night Presentation
Third Grade Supply List


Here are the supplies you will need to start the year:

Please do not label any supplies.  Labels will be provided by classroom teacher.

***Some of these items will need to be replenished a few times throughout the school year.***

 * 6 durable plastic pocket folders - blue, green, red, orange, yellow, & purple, if possible

 * 1 box of #2 pencils (12 pack – will need to be replenished)) 

* erasers (not pencil toppers) 

* 1 soft pencil case (avoid hard cases) 

* 1 pack of 24 crayons 

* 4 thin black dry erase markers

 * 1 pair of scissors 

* old sock or dry board eraser

 * 1 blue pen

 * 3 packs of 3”x3” sticky notes

 * 2 highlighters 

* 1 thick glue stick 

* 2 marble notebooks 

* 1 hand-held pencil sharpener (collects shavings) 

* Some of these items may need to be replenished through the school year.) 

3 rd Grade “Wish List” & Optional Items (* not required but greatly appreciated!) 

* sanitizing wipes 

* 1 pack of colored pencils 

* hand sanitizer

 * 1 pack of colored markers

 * paper towels 

* boxes of facial tissues


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