Fountain Woods School is a terrific place to learn and grow!

            The mission of the Burlington Township School District
            is to develop the intellectual, creative, and social potential
            of EACH child through a active partnership with all members of the community.

            Our district’s vision of ALL STUDENTS ACHIEVING
            is completed through outstanding instructional programs & practices,
            safe and secure schools, a school community involved in meaningful ways,
& effective, efficient management and operations.

            We strongly believe that Fountain Woods in successful in all 4 of these areas.
            Our school features outstanding teachers, dedicated paraprofessionals and aides,
            a helpful, knowledgeable, and caring office staff, an amazing and fully-integrated family association,
            and a number of others that work diligently to keep the school clean & safe. 

            I must tell you, I feel very lucky to be working with such a great group of people,
            at such a great school, and as part of such a wonderful family!

            Once again - welcome to our school and family!
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