Substitute Teachers, Secretary, and Nurses Information

Substitute teachers and nurses require a Burlington County Substitute Certification.  All positions require a Criminal History Review approval, and interview with our superintendent before receiving school board approval.  

Substitute Teacher
Substitute Nurse
Substitute Secretary

Substitute Teachers:      $95 a day for the first 6 days in the same assignment. The rate then becomes $100 a day for days 7-20 in the same assignment.
Substitute Nurses:     $200 day
Substitute Secretary  (60 credits) $13.57 Per hour
                                (> 60 credits) $12.90 Per hour
All applicants should  CLICK HERE to use Frontline Education (formerly Applitrack) to apply online for substitute positions. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Laura Roberson for more information about how to be a substitute within our district: