Project Guardian, Team Guardian and Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Task Force:

In 2004 the Burlington Township Schools and Burlington Township Police Department worked to begin building relationships.  10 years later, these relationships have flourished and continue despite changes in personnel in each agency.  Over the course of the last decade, the Task Force grew to include the Burlington Township Fire District and Endeavor Emergency Squad.  The YMCA who runs the district's before and after care were included as part of the overall security plan of the district.


Team Guardian:

Project Guardian was initiated to be a limited life span project to include facilities upgrades and enhancements.  The Emergency Preparedness Task Force is an inter-agency task force to ensure that members of each agency know one another before events happen so each may understand how the other agency will react and the boundaries of each.

It became clear that the next step that should be undertaken was an internal planning and response team called Team Guardian.  This team which includes several people and the School Resource Officer work to discuss various security issues facing the district, plan drills and assist in actual events ensuring proper communication between the district and first responders.


Original Information for our Community Regarding Project Guardian:

Project Guardian is the security enhancement project that will impact every building in the district.  This project encompasses the installation of cameras in every building throughout the district.  It also calls for the enhancement of our current locking system and will provide a  card swipe system for staff, among other important security enhancements. Stay up to date with Project Guardian News.

Project Guardian Special Alert 9-2-11

Project Guardian Special Alert 7-28-11

Project Guardian Special Alert 7-12-11

Project Guardian News 5/16/11

Project Guardian News Alert 5/12/11




Mary Ann Bell, Emergency Management Coordinator, Superintendent,

Liz Scott, Public Relations Coordinator, District Supervisor, escott@burltwpsch,org

Bill Diamond, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator,

SRO Hazzard, Burlington Township Police School Resource Officer,