SCHOOL BUS BEHAVIOR

*Seat belts are on all school buses and vans and must be worn. (NJSA 39:3B-11)

*Students must sit in assigned seats. Standing or changing seats is not permitted. 

*No eating or drinking is permitted on any bus owned, operated or contracted by the Burlington Board of Education.

* Follow the safe boarding and departing bus procedures directed by the driver and/or bus aide.  Students must not run, push or trip others.

*Stay in the "SAFE ZONE"-ten feet in front of the bus. Never cross behind the bus.

*Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before entering (you should be at least 3 GIANT steps from the curb. Wait on sidewalk if one is available.

*Do not stand to exit the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop and the doors open.

*Students may ride only on their bus route and enter or exit at the bus stop assigned by the Transportation Office.  A student may not go on a friend's bus or get on/off at a friend's bus stop.

*Be courteous - name calling, inappropriate and/or profane language is unacceptable behavior.  No foul or abusive language will be permitted at any time.

*Talk quietly - yelling and screaming are unacceptable behaviors.

*Avoid reckless and boisterous activity at all times, including at pickup and drop off points.

* Physical conflict - aggressive and/or physical conduct - hitting, punching, fighting, etc. are unacceptable behaviors.  Keep head, hands and feet to yourself.


1) Firmly instruct student(s) to follow rules
2) Pull over to the side of the road until student(s) comply
3) Re-assign student(s)' seats
4) Submit written incident report to principal of student(s)' school of attendance
5) In severe circumstances, pull over to side of road and radio dispatch for police assistance.

* The unacceptable behaviors may result in an immediate bus suspension New Jersey Statute- TITLE 18A:25-2: 

A pupil may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the Principal, and his parents shall provide for his transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion.  

DO sit facing forward with seat belts attached.

  DON'T turn around in seat or sit/stand in the aisles.

Video cameras and/or audio recording devices may be used on the school vehicle transporting your student.  

*Baggage and other items (musical instruments, large projects) transported must fit on students lap so that the aisles are kept clear and the door(s) and emergency exit(s) remain unobstructed at all times. If too large to fit on lap, parent must transport item to school. 

*Students must obey the school bus driver. The bus driver is in charge and must be respected at all times.

* Destruction of bus property is unacceptable behavior.  Students will be responsible for any damage they may cause.

No sound producing equipment such as radios, ipods or mp3 players may be played without head phones and must not be heard by others.

 Please report any harassment or bullying issues on the bus directly to your student's school of attendance.

* Students will respect the privacy of others and will not post or upload pictures or recordings taken of others to the internet nor e-mail recordings to others without the express advance permission of the persons in the photograph or recording.

*Students must be seated, facing forward, at all times when the bus is in motion.  There is to be no sitting or standing in the aisles.

* No part of the student’s body may stick out from a window opening, particularly hands or head.  Putting any body part outside of the bus is unacceptable behavior.

*Throwing any object on the bus, at the bus or out of the bus is unacceptable.

* PRIVACY VIOLATIONS may have serious consequences to the offending student, including suspension, forfeiture of the privilege to possess or use a personal electronic device at school and criminal or civil charges, subject to the determination of the school principal.

* Smoking is prohibited on any bus operated in the State of NJ or on school grounds.