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Pat Gould, Food Service Director, 609-387-3955 x 5021

Nicholas Bice, Business Administrator, 609-387-3955 x 2054

Heather Garfield, Business Office Manager, 609-387-3955 x 2085

Additionally, parents can email:

You do not have to remember the name of the cafeteria manager. Several people can see messages, which are addressed to the above email address including the cafeteria manager at each building. 

IMPORTANT* When writing to us, please include your child's full name and the school in which your child eats. This will help us direct your email to the proper manager. 



Lisa Meier, Manager,
609-387-1713 x1016

BTHS-Hopkins Building-Manager:

Felicia Bradshaw, Manager,
609-387-3774 x2008

BTMS Manager

Marlene Leroy, Manager,

609-699-4021 x 4021

FWS Manager

Linda Caseiro, Manager,

609-387-1799 x 3026

BBY Manager

, Manager,

609-386-3520 x 5021