Science Department

General Information: The high school science department is made up of 12 teachers and nearly 20 courses. Students will enroll in either Honors Environmental and Earth Science or Environmental and Earth Science freshman year.
After this requirement, students will enroll in either Honors Lab Biology or Lab Biology. After these courses, students have the ability to explore a wide variety of courses as they work towards college preparedness and career readiness. Through the course content of Environmental Science and Lab Biology students realize their passions and interests in the sciences and enjoy the many courses that we have to offer. We have Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 
Please email Nick Luyber at for any additional information. 
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Burlington Township High School Science Department

Teacher                                          Email Address                Websites
9th Grade Teachers     (All freshman will take either Environmental Science or Honors Environmental Science)
Stacy Stewart -Environmental                                   Stacy Arango Website
Keith Tassitano -Environmental                              Keith Tassitano Website
Nicholas Luyber -Environmental                                  Nick Luyber Website
10th-12th Grade Teachers
Annette Slaney -Biology                                          Annette Slaney Website

 Rosalia Nanfara -Chemistry                           
Jaime Lee -Biology                                                        Jaime Lee Website 
Jill Houseworth -Biology                                     Jill Houseworth Website
Joseph Robinson -Chemistry                                  Joe Robinson Website
Laura Montgomery -Biology                               Laura Montgomery Website
Melissa McQuoid -Biology                                     Melissa McQuoid Website
Rick Craft -Physics                                                       Rick Craft Website
Steve Montgomery -Biology                              Steve Montgomery Website

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