Social Studies at Burlington Township

Did you know that social studies (political science, sociology, economics, psychology, history, law, public policy, humanities, international studies, cultural studies) is the most popular college major for American students?      According to Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, 26.3% of all undergraduate students study these fields in the United States.   

The BTHS Social Studies faculty are dedicated to preparing our students for a lifetime of service, citizenship and effective participation in our communities.  Cultural literacy, effective decision making and historical foundations are important cornerstones of our curriculum.  Burlington Township students are required to complete three blocks of Social Studies; many AP offerings and elective courses give our students a chance to sample college curriculum.    Our faculty seeks to infuse technologies into the learning process and celebrate the unique culture of each student. 

For more information, please explore our site or contact Mr. Brock Mislan, cluster coordinator of the department, at (609) 387-1813, x6064, or

Burlington Township School District Mission Statement:    we will develop the intellectual, creative, and social potential of each child through an active partnership with all members of the community.