Burlington Township Board of Education and Administration Contact Information

 The Board requests that any correspondence to the Board
 include the Board Secretary and Superintendent to ensure
 the matter is addressed properly.  
  The Board is interested in hearing
 from community members, but are
 not permitted
 to engage in   discussion on board matters
 outside public
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 Board Member
Mrs. Lisa Bungarden lbungarden@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board MemberMrs. Donna Custard dcustard@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board Member, VICE-PRESIDENTMrs. Susan Eichmann seichmann@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board MemberMrs. Lisa Hodnett lhodnett@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board MemberMr. Christopher Holmes cholmes@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board Member, PRESIDENTMrs. Maryann McMahon-Nester mmcmahon-nester@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board MemberMrs. Antoinette Minors-Ferguson aminors-ferguson@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board MemberMr. Jack Newman jnewman@burltwpsch.org see below
 Board MemberMrs. Velina Marie Riggi vriggi@burltwpsch.org see below
 Assistant Board Secretary        
Mrs. Adrienne Bilotta
 abilotta@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2050
 Board Secretary/Business Administrator    Mr. Nicholas Bice             nbice@burltwpsch.org  609-387-3955 x 2054
 Superintendent    Mrs. Mary Ann Bell mbell@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3954 x 2057
Title            Name
 Email     Phone
Mrs. Mary Ann Bell
 mbell@burltwpsch.org         609-387-3955 x 2057
Business Administrator/Board SecretaryMr. Nicholas Bice nbice@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2054
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Ms. Ann Marie Britt
 abritt@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2066
Assistant Superintendent for Special EducationMr. Christopher R. Giannotti cgiannotti@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x2068
Director of Human Resources and Community Relations Mrs. Elizabeth Scott  escott@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2076
District Guidance DirectorMrs. Katina George kgeorge@burltwpsch.org  609-387-1713 x 1007
District SupervisorMrs. Laura Burns lburns@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2031
District SupervisorMrs. Erin Dewey edewey@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2030
District SupervisorMrs. Joanne Johnson joajohnson@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2032
District Supervisor/ Homeless LiaisonMr. Walt Spiehs wspiehs@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 1067
District Supervisor / Athletics DirectorMr. Peter Teifer pteifer@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1713 x 1011
District SupervisorMr. Ryan Winkelspecht rwinkelspecht@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2084
Assistant Business AdministratorMrs. Robyn Hessberger rhessberger@burltwpsch.org 609-387-3955 x 2079

PrincipalMr. Phil Brownridge pbrownridge@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1713 x 1001
Vice PrincipalMr. Neal Canavan ncanavan@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1713 x 1028
Vice PrincipalMrs. Naomi Threadgill nthreadgill@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1713 x 1002
Vice Principal, Hopkins BuildingMr.Chris Ilconich cilconich@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1713 x 2003

Interim PrincipalMrs. Regina Haley rhaley@burltwpsch.org 609-699-4021 x4016
Vice PrincipalMrs. April Gittens agittens@burltwpsch.org 609-699-4021 x4050
Interim Vice PrincipalMr. Paul Spaventa pspaventa@burltwpsch.org 609-699-4021 x4018

PrincipalMr. John Johnson jojohnson@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1799 x 3008
Vice PrincipalMr. Jason Strouse jstrouse@burltwpsch.org 609-387-1799 x 3002


PrincipalDr. Denise King   dking@burltwpsch.org  609-386-3520 x 5008
Vice PrincipalMr. Gary Russell     grussell@burltwpsch.org 609-386-3520 x 5029 

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