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Photo Gallery

Our facilities are constantly in use by our community.  Our schools are used by all of our Boy and Girl Scout Troops, the BT Foundation, Family Associations and BT Recreation Teams, just to name a few.  We host a variety of evening community events, and the Family Learning Series.  Our PAC features Broadway caliber plays, exciting musicals, and outstanding concerts. Our fields are used to host various sporting events and it is important that we keep every student athlete safe on our fields.  It is also important that we maintain our facilities so we can continue to host these events safely and with pride.

Fountain Woods Canopy:
 You can see the rust, obvious aging and deterioration of this canopy.  If you look closely, you will also see the exposed nails from the roof of the awning.

Young  School Roofing Issues:  If you visit Young School on a rainy day and the day after rain or snow, you will see buckets and partitions to keep the students away from the leaks and wet floors in the gym and in the hallway.
The reason you see the photos above is because of what you see in the photos below.  We have made several repairs to the roof over the years, but we are at the point where we are beyond repairing the roof.  It has to be replaced.  Very similar to what is experienced by homeowners who stay in their homes for a long time.  The buckles and patches that you see are actually repairs that have been made to keep the roof from leaking.

Young School Roof.MP4

These are photos taken on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 in the Young School gym.  The teachers are using the barriers as part of an obstacle course in order to keep the children away from the areas that are leaking.  The children understand that they may not touch the barriers or buckets and cans that are catching the rain water.  


 High School Track and Football Field:  Below are photos of the fields and track after rain. You can also see a sample of the patching we do as the track wears and tears.  Our goal is to provide safe facilities for our student athletes.


Parking lots:  As you can see from the photos below, it is time for the district to repave the parking lots and fix drainage issues.