Tax Impacts

Click the link below to get detailed information regarding state aid, along with details of the tax impact for homeowners.  Assuming a 10 year bond repayment and 3% interest rate, the largest increase will be less than $5 a year on the average assessed home.  

What Happens if the Referendum Doesn’t Pass?

It is inevitable that this work will have to be completed. The needed repairs will not go away, and the cost to the taxpayers will go up.  If the referendum fails, we will not get the 50% matching funds from the state and the cost will have to go into the general budget which will compete for educational dollars.  This would be the equivalent to losing 4.5 million dollars.


We have worked hard to maintain quality programs, competitive sports teams, and diverse activities
on which we pride our schools.  It is important that we maintain our facilities and the level of 
pride that our community enjoys.