Projects Completed Since 2005



  • B. Bernice Young School F Wing Addition with 18 classrooms

  • Building of the Burlington Township Middle School at Springside

  • Renovations to the Thomas O Hopkins Building

  • Renovations to the B. Bernice Young School A wing Toilet Room

  • Renovations to the B. Bernice Young School Kitchen and Cafeteria

ROD Grants II, III and IV

  • Cameras, locks, secure vestibules at all schools under Project Guardian

  • Drainage at Fountain Woods School

  • Toilet room renovations at High School and Hopkins

  • Window and door replacements at Hopkins and High School

  • HVAC upgrades at Hopkins, High School and B. Bernice Young School

  • Electrical upgrades and generator at B. Bernice Young School and High School

  • Partial roof replacement at B. Bernice Young School

Capital Reserve Funds

  • Toilet Room Renovations High School

  • Toilet Room Renovations Hopkins Building

  • HVAC Hopkins Building

  • Press Box Replacement

Maintenance, Grounds and Technology Funds

  • Bottle filling stations and water fountain replacements

  • Electrical upgrades

    • LED lightning changes to Fountain Woods gym, High School main gym and Hopkins gym

    • LED lighting changes in various classrooms and hallways throughout the district

    • Emergency circuit installation as needed

  • High School Courtyard paver project

  • Drainage correction between C and B wings High School

  • Renovation of High School Connector Corridor known as the “Breezeway”

  • Creation of 10 computer labs across the district

  • Installation of projectors in classrooms across the district

  • Replacement of worn playground equipment

  • Installation of numerous technology backbone items to ensure future growth of network

  • Asbestos abatement where needed

  • Flooring replacements where needed