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March 2o15 - Story SistersLiz Solazzo, Sally Svee, Janet Sady, Brenda Wilson, and Doris Caruso's books are available at The Main Line, 134 Main Street, Graham, NC. - Flyer

Readings/Book Signings - Story Sisters

April 14, Tuesday    2:00pm                      Cedar Ridge, Burlington                 Story Sisters
April 25, Saturday 11:00am - 12:00pm    The Main Line, Graham                  Story Sisters
May 6, Wednesday  2:00pm                     Spring Arbor, Greensboro               Story Sisters

        March 2, Monday         7:00pm                    A-O Civitan Club                       Brenda Wilson
        March 8, Sunday         2:00-4:00pm            Burlington Artist League, Holly Hill Mall
                                                                               Doris Caruso, The Violet Shawl        Janet Sady, A Sound in the Night
                                                                               Carolyn Teague, watercolor artist who painted covers for both books 
March 12, Thursday    7:00pm                   Hawfields Civitan Club                Brenda Wilson
March 14, Saturday    10:00am                 Burlington Writers Club              Brenda Wilson
March 16, Monday    1:00 -3:00pm           Kernodle Senior Center                Story Sisters
March 21, Saturday 11:00am-2:00p         May Memorial Library Book Salon Story Sisters

                                                To Book the Story Sisters for your event, call 336 684 5456 or 336 229 7104


January 2015 - Brenda Wilson's poem "Conversion" is included in the 2014 Best of Spiritual Writers Network.

December 2014 - Michael A. Papadeas', new book, John D. Xanthos: The People’s Advocate, is a part of the Heart
of Alamance County Heritage Book Collection.
For more information about Michael and his new book, please visit Mr. Ben Steelman's blog  for  the post entitled, "
A salute to a Greek-American,"  written on November 7, 2014. More details on how to order will follow.

December 2014 - Brenda Wilson has a devotional in the 2015 volume of Penned from the Heart

Mama Moves to Ossipee is now available in a reformatted version. This is the story of Brenda's mother who moved to Ossipee, NC from Altavista VA to work in the Ossipee Mill at age 14. Four decades of trends and events are sure to stir memories and inform young readers. 64 Pages. Available from the author at 1rewrite97 [at] bellsouth.net, $12.00 (plus $2.50 shipping).

November 2014 - Elizabeth Wilmoth Solazzo has released A Little Book of Stories, available now through Amazon Kindle. It is a collection of sweet and sometimes humorous essays on family and relationships. A print edition will be available at the December meeting or coming soon from Amazon. 

November 2014 - Announcing the  release of a new book A Sound in the Night by Janet R. Sady.

This faith-based “as told to story” is dedicated in loving memory of Robert (Bob) Curry by Marilyn Curry Zimmerman, Bradley Curry and Rebecca Curry Gresock.  Bob Curry was murdered in 1991 by the stalker of his teenage daughter.

The book chronicles how faith sustained his wife and children, and gave them courage to go on with their lives after this tragedy.

Limited supplies will be available locally at various locations. Watch local papers for book signings. You may contact the author at: janfran [at] windstream.net or Marilyn Curry Zimmerman at: 2circles [at] windstream.net to order copies of the book for $11.95 plus postage for out of town orders.
P.S. Books will be available  at the Burlington Writers Club December meeting or the November critique - mixed genre meeting. Call me to reserve a copy:  336-376-6771
Thank you. Jan Sady

June 2014 - Congratulations to Elizabeth Solazzo on publication of her essay 'Caregiver - Who, Me?' in
Pentimento (more than meets the eye) magazine, Issue 3. www.pentimentomag.org.

May 2014 - Brenda Wilson's Guest Opinion Column, 'Swepsonville Bows Out,' appeared in the Burlington Times News
From a height of approximately 120 feet, the top portion of the dome-shaped reservoir came down in one piece.

As it hung suspended from the hooks of the crane in its slow descent to earth, images of spaceships from Mars crossed my mind, and an enormous tea cup ride at the State Fair. Read more ...

2014 Alamance Burlington Senior Literary Arts Winners

Janet Sady, Brenda Wilson, Kim Carruth,
Alice Johansen, Genny Dickson, Seena Granowsky

Best in Show Moonlight Mirage Kim Carruth
1st Place  On the Beach Alice Johansen
2nd Place   Photograph of My Father as a Young Man Alice Johansen  
Best in Show  Somethings Batty Seena Granowsky
1st Place   Harbingers of Spring Janet Sady
Best in Show Mama the Seamstress Brenda Wilson
1st Place Italian Family Reunion Genny Dickson
2nd Place Benefits of Reading to Children Janet Sady
2nd Place PTSD: A Night to Forget Kim Carruth

May 8, 2014 - A SPRING READING by Doris Dix Caruso, Sally Svee and Brenda Loy Wilson was held at The Gentle Giraffe Shoppe, Mebane. Poetry, memoirs, fiction and humor were shared. Brenda read poetry from 'Transitions' then debuted 'Mama Moves to Ossipee', one in a series from a 'Heart of Alamance County' book project.  Doris made us want to rush to the beach with her poetry, then shared part of her touching love story The Violet Shawl, set in Florence Italy and Duke University. Sally's humor made all chuckle, then she took us to a serious situation in Soundings and Ready to Read Stories. Book signings and refreshments followed.

February 2014 - BWC member Michael Papadeas read his poetry at UNC Wilmington.  The event was hosted in the Special Collections area on the 2nd Floor of the William Randall Library on campus. Mike read from his recently published books: "Coming to America"-A Memoir, 1938-1958 and "Collected Poems".