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60th Anniversary - Diamond Jubilee

The BWC Diamond Jubilee on March 5, 2016 was attended by 78 plus writers, friends, and family. Debra Kaufman’s play ‘Young Writer on the Verge’ was directed by Tami Kress of Studio 1. Actors Walter Boyd, Mandy Cardwell, Sherri Dyer, Denise Phillips, Annie Zimmerman, Michael King and Lizz Matthews represented the writers’ life perfectly.

North Carolina Poet Laureate Shelby Stephenson charmed all with his readings, guitar playing and singing. Several spoke of the inspiration they received from his presentations.

Alamance Arts Executive Director Cary Worthy presented President Alice Johansen President with a proclamation for 60 years of service to our creative community and beyond, and an engraved crystal bowl.

The committee members gave 100% and we’re truly grateful to our sponsors: Susan Barber, Realtor KELLERWILLIAMS, The Story Sisters, Sir Speedy Printing, Carolyn Councilman, Kate Gaydos, Leon Hinton, Alice Johansen, Seena Granowsky, Elida Vinesett, Brenda Wilson, Jean Sturgill-Realizing Your Winning Potential, Travis Hurt-ThoughtForm3D and Amy Wilkinson-The Main Line, Local Artisans/Crafters.

Our event to commemorate the Burlington Writers Club sixty years was truly a Diamond Jubilee.  Thank you all!!


The Cake and the Charter Member Table

Shelby Stephenson, Picking and Singing
North Carolina Poet Laureate
Literary Hall of Fame Inductee

Celeste wins Student Contest (play)

Door Prizes

Doris Sets up Reception

Cynthia Schaub, Sandra Redding, and Joe (left)

Debra Kaufman, Playwright, Shelby Stephenson, 
and Brenda Loy Wilson (below)

   Jean A. Sturgill and Shirley Sanders

    Fred, Mary Archer, Alice Johansen, Sandra, and Shelby