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Bible Study     
Jean A. Sturgill 
You Are Who God Says You Are: 8 Steps to Overcoming the Past 
An enlightening workbook to read / study the Bible and one's personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Available from Your Winning Potential, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble
You Are Who God Says You Are (Worksheets Only): 8 Steps to Overcoming
the Past

Contains only the worksheets from the original You Are Who God Says You Are: 8 Steps to Overcoming the Past

Available from Your Winning Potential, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble
Children's Book     
Jean A. Sturgill 
Bouncing Beaver Discovers God: A Drew's Animals Book 
Two brothers, Robbie and Drew, join together to help teach Bouncing Beaver about creation.

Available from Drew's Animals Store, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble
Brenda Loy Wilson 
Penned From the Heart - Volume 21 
Essay on 'Sickness'

Available from 1800 358-0777.
Christine T Wethman 
The Good News According to Rock-n-Roll
Commentaries on Rock-n-Roll and Folk Songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s to strengthen your Christian faith.

Available on Amazon

Elizabeth Solazzo
A Little Book of Stories
A short collection of real life stories with universal themes of love and connection. 

Available from Amazon
Brenda Loy Wilson 
I Wonder Why-A Poetry and Prose Anthology
My need of a 'new remembery' to learn a song with my four year old grandson. 

Available on Amazon Kindle.
J. Edward ("Jim") Gray
The Greater Good - Murder Comes to Yosemite
Murder mystery

Available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and Apple (iBook)
Elizabeth Solazzo 
Chasing the Wind
Short stories of love and loss and mostly happy endings

Available from Alamance Arts, Main Line in Graham, Gibsonville Antiques, and Amazon, Kindle,
 and from the author at 336-578-8072 or
Sally I. Svee
Ready To Read Stories
Nineteen Short Stories featuring a wide variety of styles, engaging characters and situations

Available on Amazon
A contemporary novel of Romantic Suspense

Available on Amazon
Return to Noble's Run
A contemporary novel of Romantic Suspense

Available on Amazon
Partners (By Bequest)
A contemporary novel of Romantic Suspense

Available on Amazon
Trust Me
A contemporary novel of Romantic Suspense

Available on Amazon 
 Brenda Loy Wilson
Suzanne Stories

Available at Alamance Arts & The Main Line-Graham, Gibsonville Antiques & Collectibles-Gibsonville,, Kindle and @ 1rewrite97[at]
Historical Novels     
J. Edward (“Jim”) Gray 
New Garden
Civil War era: Two Quaker brothers make life choices at odds with their faith

Available from 
jegray2008 [at]; Amazon; Apple; Barnes & Noble
Trouble at Mono Pass
In 1866, two brothers go west – one seeking redemption; the other seeking power and wealth.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a signed copy by sending a $20 check to J. Edward Gray, 6 Starmount Farms Court, Greensboro, NC 27408. For more information - jegray2008 [at]

Will be available as an eBook from Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble around March 30, 2015.
Jean A. Sturgill 
Leading The Way: Stories of Inspiration and Leadership (Volume 5) 
One chapter by Jean - "The Crossroads" - in this book of leadership lessons & true stories.

Available from jean [at] and  Amazon
Rosemary Lancaster 
Facing Retirement Disabled: A Memoir of Love, Perserverance, and a New Life
Memoirs of Rosemary and John Lancaster. John retired disabled from the Kennedy Space Center.

Available from Amazon and  on Amazon Kindle
Jean A. Sturgill 
Live, Love, & Leave a Legacy: Make a Difference Where You Stand 
Autobiography: A brief walk through Jean's life and the places she's lived.

Available from Amazon.
Brenda Loy Wilson Mama Moves to Ossipee 
A history of family events and trends in Alamance County mills and farming 1930-1960.

Available at The Main Line in Graham, Textile Heritage Museum in Glencoe, Haw River Historical Museum, Town Hall in Ossipee, The Red Door Books & Local Art in Mebane, Gibsonville Antiques & Collectibles and by contacting 1rewrite97 [at]
Doris Dix Caruso 
The Little Summer of St. Luke: Maggie
The beautiful story of Maggie, wise beyond her years, tells of her life and her loves.

Available on Kindle, coming soon in print, and the sequel The Rowan Tree will follow.

The Violet Shawl, 283 pages
This is a mystery wrapped in a love story taking place in Florence, Italy and Durham, NC.

Available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and from author.
Wayne H. Drumheller
Appalachian Sunrise: A Photographer's Notebook
A collection of my early photography with prose-poetry, notes and reflections.

Available on Amazon, at, and at the Burlington Artists League Gallery
My Alamance: A Photographer's Notebook 
My Alamance photography collection with reflective notes from local writers.

Available on Amazon,, and at the Burlington Artists League Gallery
A Photographer's Notebook: Photographs and Lyrical Writings from the 60's
A collection 
of my contemporary photographs with lyrical prose. 

Available at, and the Burlington Artists League Gallery
A Photographer's Notebook: My Journey Into Everyday Life 
My photographic journey from 1970-2015 with
 prose and lyrical writings.

Available on Amazon,, and the Burlington Artists League Gallery
Poem Conversion     
Brenda Loy Wilson 
The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2014 
Inspirational Collection of Short Stories and Poems

Available on Amazon.
Doris Dix Caruso
Poetry, Serenity in Sandy Shoes, 73 pages 
Lyric Poetry for Reading at the Shore, Sea, Salt, Sand and Love.

Available on Amazon, and from the author.
Nancy Clark 
The Essence of Less 
A collection of both poetry and prose that follows the exploration and celebration of  "lessness."

Available at
Lisa Reittinger 
At the Beach
Poetry and Facts about the Beach (mostly South Carolina beaches)

Available from lreittin [at], cost $5.00 each - plus postage
Brenda Loy Wilson
These poems present an unwavering theme of life-affirmation and love.

Available at The Main Line in Graham, The Red Door Books in Mebane, and Gibsonville Antiques & Collectibles, and from 1rewrite97 [at]