Foundation Stones

At Burlington Elementary School, we value our students and believe that it is part of our responsibility to help them learn about personal characteristics that are essential for success during their school years and beyond.  We share in this learning by focusing on one of the foundation stone principles each week.  Teachers and staff have helped make these words common language in the classroom as well as part of our school culture.  

In the coming school year, we will be integrating the 7 Mindsets with Foundation Stones for a solid character education program that teaches about being grateful, accountable, giving, responsible, among other quality characteristics.  With this knowledge, our goal is to help our students be successful and happy learners.

We recognize students who demonstrate these values through our quarterly Citizenship Awards.  Next year, we will expand our awards process with monthly Citizenship Awards so more students will be recognized.  

Foundation Stones


Showing consideration for others and their property; listening to and following instructions of those in authority; honoring others; following the Golden Rule; being courteous and polite.


Listening and paying attention to others, sharing and taking turns, doing a fair share of the work, acknowledging the contributions of others; serving others with patience and a positive attitude; working well with others.


Using the rights and privileges one has a member of the community to make that community a better place; being socially responsible; obeying the laws and rules; doing one’s part for the common good; respect authority; helping your community by volunteering service.


Knowing the difference between right and wrong and having the courage to do what is right, even when it is not easy to do so; living up to the highest ethical standard not compromising one’s value; building and guarding your reputation.


Sticking to a purpose and never giving up on what one has to do; being determined to improve; being committed to justice; not leaving things unfinished; striving for excellence.


Being rational – acting out of reason, not anger; knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do; being in control of yourself, not letting others influence your decision as to what is right or wrong; being disciplined; having power over what you do.


Doing what we have said we will do; being accountable for our actions and consequences because we know right from wrong; being dependable and reliable; not making excuses or blaming others.