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SeeSaw for Schools is now available for all K-5 Teachers and Students! BCPS has purchased the premium addition for the next three years. I'm so excited to have this wonderful resource. The features are wonderful and so easy to use. Students will have an online digital portfolio that will follow them from year to year. SeeSaw can be used in any subject area and is a perfect way to Check for Understanding. Check out some of these ideas for Guided Reading:

  • Record Reading- Students can hear what they sound like when reading, it documents their progress, and together you can identify strengths and target areas for improvement. One way is to take a picture or a screenshot of a specific page. Students can either record themselves reading that page only, or record themselves reading the entire book or chapter.
  • Exit Tickets as Checks for Understanding. Students can take a picture of a text and explain the main idea, type or write some words based on a spelling pattern or record themselves answering a question.
  • Have students record a Re-reading. You then have it for strategies and fluency.
  • Book Reviews
  • Teacher records spelling words for tests and assigns them to different groups. All groups take the spelling test at same time using earbuds. TIME SAVER!!!
  • Have students take photos of words sorts to keep in journal

Welcome to my Instructional Technology Page. I am an Instructional Technology Facilitator for Burke County Public Schools. I currently serve three elementary schools including:

Drexel Elementary
Icard Elementary School

It's almost time for the 2019 DTLC: Digital Teaching and Learning Conference

On August 12th, 2019, Burke County Public Schools will host our fifth annual Digital Teaching and Learning Conference. The conference this year will be at Patton High School.


The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for teachers, media coordinators, instructional support personnel and administrators to come together to learn.


Organize and Hour of Code and register here:

This is a world-wide celebration of computer

science with engaging one hour coding activities

for all students from K-12 grades. There are no

logins for students, tons of self-directed activities,

and tutorials.

Contact Information:


Main Office Phone: (828) 438-2995

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