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Ray Childers Elementary Athletic Organization offers the following sports:

1. Football  (Signups in July & August)

2. Cheerleading  (Signups in July & August)

3. Outdoor Soccer  (Signups in July & August)

4. Basketball (Signups in October)

5. Indoor Soccer (Signups in January)

6. Softball  (Signups in March)

7. Baseball  (Signups in March)

The cost to participate in each sport is $20.00 per child per sport.

*May be additional cost for other sports.

When new information needs to be passed to parents one new way you can get this information is by calling our voicemail at 324-1340 and when the automated attendant answers, press 4 for athletics or go to the RCEAO web page on the Ray Childers web site.

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Football- Kevin Robison 390-0738

Cheerleading- Michelle Deal 303-0334

Fall Soccer-Jamie Bostain 238-9595

Basketball-Ken Alexander 446-0617 & Kevin Robison 390-0738

                                        Indoor Soccer-Eric Ammon 781-5690

Softball-Kevin Robison 390-0738

Baseball-Justin Weidner 381-9281

 Up Coming Events:  

Keep Them Running
RCEAO Summer Physical Training Camp
Every Tuesday of July 5:30-7:30 pm at Ray Childers Elementary. Conditioning , footwork, teamwork exercises , strength and agility drills.

Sign up for camp will be every Tuesday of June from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Cafeteria.

Contact Eric Ammon if you have questions

FOOTBALL, CHEERLEADING, AND OUTDOOR SOCCER SIGN UP'S ARE GOING ON NOW!!! Sign up on Tuesday from  5:30-7:00 pm in the Cafeteria.

Contact KEVIN ROBISON or JAMIE BOSTAIN for more details.

Mighty Mite Football 10-29-2016