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Welcome to my virtual classroom where you will find important information for Communication Skills and English II courses. Students will begin with Communication Skills in the fall and finish up with English II in the spring semester, during which time they will take the state mandated E.O.C that counts 20% of their overall grade. Please refer to the course syllabus for detailed information concerning instruction during both semesters. I look forward to a successful school year in which my students will improve skills such as public speaking, writing, and reading comprehension.

Important Information:

Tutoring will be offered every Monday and Wednesday until EOCS begin!! Tutoring begins at 3:20 and lasts until 4:20 and will help students continue to prepare for the state EOC OR PROVIDE ENRICHMENT IN OTHER AREAS. This time may also be used for assistance with make up assignments. (Provided by GEAR UP) 

Appalachian State Gear Up Grant:
FREE TUTORING- click here     (Required for ALL rough drafts)
                 FOR 9TH AND 10TH GRADERS (Upload a paper and within twenty-four hours have the paper critiqued by highly qualified                      writing center tutors at Appalachian State. Students can also work with an online writing tutor in a virtual chat room for FREE!)
                                                        Username = lunch # and password is gearup (unless students have reset them)

Parents, Please send me an email so that I can add you to my google contact list. This will make it easier for us to communicate over the course of the school year. Thank you!

PowerSchool logins:  username = lunch # and password is Bcps2017 (unless students have reset them)

NC Skills Coach, Practice Test 1 - EOC Remediation (Optional)
  • "Galapagos:..." #s 1-8 and "The Pilgram" #'s 9-16   DATE: 2/21
  • "Excerpt from the Homecoming" #s 17-26 and "A Lasting Tribute" #s 27-36    DATE: 2/28
  • "Excerpt from Crime and Punishment" #s 38-45 and "Jimmy Santiago Baca" #s 46-53    DATE: 3/7

PerdueOwl MLA Workshop  *The corresponding Webquest is located under the Honors notes/assignments link (attachments). 

Contact information: 
Email: gwhitman@burke.k12.nc.us
Phone: 1-828-433-1310                                “Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.” 
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