Liberty BELLES Service League

What is a "BELLE"?
The Liberty Belle Service League is an all girl service club whose goal is to instill the importance of community service.  Members of the "Belles" want to give back and make a difference within their community. 


November Service Hours Due by December 10
September-October Service Hours are now past due must pay $5 per month in order to stay in "good standing"

Submit Monthly Service Hours using the following link:   Belle Service Hours

Yearly Dues ($10) need to be submitted to 
Mrs. McKinney 
Mrs. Rickertsen

Happening This Month

November 13-20 
Extended to December 5th!!
BUCM Can Food Drive
Receive 10 minutes for each can donated!!

Belle Formal
Saturday March 9, 2019

Belle Requirements
  • $10.00 membership dues *see Mrs. McKinney if this is a hardship
  • 2 hours community service per month or $5 **
  • Maintain 2.0 GPA
  • Maintain excellent behavior (no ISS/OSS)
  • Demonstrate exceptional humanity toward others
**Monthly service hours MUST be submitted by the 10th of the next month. Example: September hours must be submitted no later than October 10th, after that date hours must be paid for in order to maintain good standing**

Join our REMIND App to get all BELLE information

Yearly Events
  • BUCM Can Food Drive
  • Clothing Drive
  • JIRC Christmas Parade
  • Spring Formal *
  • Special Olympics
  • Reading Buddies with North Liberty
  • PowderPuff Game
other events will be added as confirmed and/or as needed throughout the year 
Belles earn service hours for participating in any "Belle sponsored" event. 

*In order to schedule the Spring Formal at least half of membership must be in good standing and able to participate.  Good standing includes: GPA requirements, submitting community service hours (or paying for them) and maintaining excellent behavior.   Please note the following from the STUDENT HANDBOOK:

Belle Semi-Formal

The Belle semi-formal will be held on Saturday.  Students are required to exhibit appropriate behavior and are expected to follow all school rules.  In order to attend students must be in attendance at school for the full day before the dance, students cannot attend if they have had OSS in the current school year, or owe a debt. Appeals are accepted prior to the Belle semi-formal for Belle members only.  Students will be notified of the appeal decision within one week of the appeal’s submission.  Students that owe cafeteria and/or library debts will not be able to participate until the debt is paid in full.  Guests may not appeal (this means guests must not have any OSS during the school year).

We understand our members are in middle school so we try to make it as easy as possible for them to earn service hours. 

 A FEW ways to earn service hours:
  • volunteering at church
  • helping a girl scout group
  • helping a teacher at school
  • volunteering at another community event
  • helping out at home, a neighbor/elderly person or even babysitting WITHOUT PAY!!
the key word and concept is WITHOUT PAY

Have an idea or suggestion for a Belle service opportunity please contact 
Mrs. McKinney or Mrs. Rickertsen!

Copy of Belle Parent Meeting Agenda located in files at bottom of page

BELLES in Action

Our Annual Coat Drive was a HUGE success! We donated over 133 coats!! Thanks to all who participated! 


A few Belles that volunteered or attended a student driven fundraiser for the LMS Music Department

October 11th is the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child! This years theme is EmPOWER girls in conflict. The Belles have donated several fiction and nonfiction books to the Media Center depicting strong female role models (in English/Spanish) from many cultures. Drop by and check it out!!

Belles volunteering at 2017 JIRC Parade: Photos from Jonelle Boback/News Herald

Members presented BUCM Director, Mr. David Burleson, with over 160 cans of food donated in the recent food and coat drive.

Volunteering at Family Fun Day

JIRC COLOR Run 2017 (Belles or SMURFS???) FUN Day!

Belles sponsored a Hole in the Recent Burke Education Foundation Golf Tournament!

Volunteering at BUCM

IT's SWELL to be a BELLE
Crystal McKinney,
Sep 17, 2018, 1:58 PM