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March 20 through March 24th

  • What We Are Learning This Week
    Block 3: Quiz on Number System/Scientific Notation/Exponents
    Math 8 Open Door Tutoring

    Block 1: Math I Geometry
    Math I Open Door Tutoring

    Math I / Math 8 Open Door Tutoring
    Math I / Math 8 Retests

    Block 2: Quiz on Number System
    Block 3: Quiz on Equations and System of Equations

    Block 1:
    Students will practice using Math I Geometry on Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the Unit Test on Math I Geometry on Wednesday.  Starting Thursday, students will begin learning and practicing Math 8 standards for Transformation of Figures on a Coordinate Plane along with the Proofs for the Pythagorean Theorem.

    Block 2:
    Students will complete the Math 8 Geometry Test and start EOG Review with the Number System to prepare for the Quiz on the Number System on Friday.

    Block 3:
    On Monday, students will review for the quiz on the number system, scientific notation and exponents which will be given on Tuesday.  Students will also continue to practice writing and solving equations and system of equations for real life situations to prepare for the Quiz on these topics on Friday.  Students who have not passed the Math 8 Geometry Test will be required to attend tutoring before taking the Retest on Thursday. This process of tutoring/retest will continue until the student has passed the Math 8 Geometry Test.

    Homework is assigned regularly so do not assume that your child has no homework. Ask them to show you their work if they say they have completed it in school!

    Mrs. Chandler
    Posted Mar 19, 2017, 4:43 PM by Linda Chandler
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