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April 3rd through April 7th

  • What We Are Learning This Week
    Block 1: Test on Math 8 Geometry
    Block 3: Quiz on Equations/System of Equations
    Math 8 Open Door Tutoring

    Math I Open Door Tutoring

    Block 1:
    On Monday, we will review all Math 8 Geometry in preparation for the Math 8 Geometry Test on Tuesday.  Wednesday will be the start of Math 8 Data & Statistics which is a review.  Scatter Plots and Two-Way Tables have already been taught in previous units.  Students will use Schoolnet problems to confirm that they have a good understanding of these Math 8 Standards. Next Monday, will be the start of End Of Course Review for Math I.

    Block 2:
    This week students will continue their EOG review by starting with simplifying Expressions with Exponents and writing and solving equations for real life situations. This will include system of equations.

    On Monday, students will review equations and system of equations in preparation for their quiz on Tuesday. Wednesday, students will continue with their EOG review with Functions and Relations and Linear Functions

    Have a wonderful week!

    Mrs. Chandler

    Posted Apr 2, 2017, 1:14 PM by Linda Chandler
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