About Band at LMS

The LMS Band of Knights is the largest organization on campus with over 230 members. Students have FUN learning how to make music together in the 6th - 8th grade concert bands and Jazz Band. We enjoy performing at concerts, festivals, pep-rallies, and assemblies. 8th grade band students perform at festival each year in the spring. 

Because band is a class that meets during the day, many of our students also participate in extra-curricular activities like sports and clubs! If you are in 5th grade and are interested in joining band next year, I hope you will visit our "Join Band" page and watch some videos about the different instruments. 

Mr. Powell


2018 MPA Rehearsal Scheduling Form
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1/6/18 - All District Band Auditions
1/26/18 - All County Band Auditions @ Liberty

2017 GEAR-UP Camp Registration Form
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6th Grade Required Materials

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Burke County Youth Band Camp

Beginner camp for rising 6th grade

Advanced camp for rising 7th-8th

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Ransom, Daniel, and Owen playing with the best of the best in North Carolina. Congrats, guys!!

2017 All County Band Audition Results

The results are in and I am very proud of our kids for trying out for All County Band whether they made it or not. Getting into the band may have been the goal of each student, but it is not the most important thing. All the hard work our kids have put into learning their solos and perfecting scales and sight-reading skills have helped them each to grow as musicians. Having to fight past nerves and perform in front of two strangers is a chance to grow as well. This prepares them for real world situations like interviews for scholarships, colleges, jobs and certainly easing the anxiety of future performances. That is what this process is about. Students learn life lessons like how to make it through struggles or stressful times, and how to celebrate our hard work and the hard work of others each time they give it their all. 

That's what it's all about! 

I also want to say thank you to each student that auditioned and to the parents who supported them through it. 

All of our students did well and showed a lot of growth. We had THIRTY students make the ensemble and this is a huge accomplishment for the students and our band program.

Dena Vongphachanh - 1st Chair Flute

Lisa Pascual

Ella Evans

Ryan Caldwell

Alexis Lee

Kaiya Neaves

Harlee Jackson

Ethan Vue

Ethany Payne

Landyn Hartman

Bailey Tallent

Ashlyn Clark

Madi Clay

Tushar Joshi

Emma Seidel

Hannah Payne

Jackston Brown

Melia Carswell - 1st Chair Horn

Vance Jones

Raegan Edwards

Abby Perlman

Zeke Reep

Owen Streppa - 1st Chair Trombone

Sydney Gonzalez

Ramiyah West

Dylan Lail

Daniel Chandler

Skylar Georges

Anthony Hicks

Alan Uribe-Campos