Eighth Grade Social Studies

Welcome to your adventure in Social Studies.  When you are absent, check Google Classroom.

Please make sure that you have signed up for Google Classroom (classroom.google.com).  You sign in with your google id.  If you area already a member, just click the + at the top and join my class.  Use the following code for your class:

Mustangs block 1 - 5m6xnk

Mustangs block 2 - pudwhy

Team time - da361e2  (all students should join this class)

2017 Washington, D.C. trip  - lejocr

All of our work is posted in your classroom.  There are links to videos, reading materials, and assignments.  For some of your work, you may have to download the assignment and save it as a Word document in order to turn it in.  Make sure when you finish, you click "Submit."  When in doubt, you can always print a copy and turn it in by hand.  You have both options.  PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN YOU TURN IN A PRINTED COPY TO COMMENT "ON PAPER" TO ME.  Thank you.

The work that is submitted via Google Classroom will also be graded and returned to you via Google Classroom, often with comments.  I do not put those assignments in PowerSchool until the end of the grading period in order to make sure that everyone has completed his/her assignments.

Your first homework assignment is to have your parent sign the box in our Mustang Newsletter.  You may cut out the signature box so that you can keep the newsletter, turn in the whole paper, or just print yourself a second copy.  The attachment is below.

Mustang newsletter 2016.pub
Heidi Galloway,
Aug 25, 2016, 8:03 AM