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Dear Parents:

Welcome to another year at LMS!  I hope you are as excited as I am about your student’s educational opportunities in 2016-2017.  This year in math class, we will be concentrating on the “common core” curriculum to get 7th graders ready for 8th grade, as well as for the 7th grade End-of-Grade test.  See the syllabus tab for topics we will study, textbook reference pages, and a tentative timeline. Copies of assignments can be found in Google Classroom.  Your student will have the code to access his or her class.




Homework, tests, quizzes, class work and notebook grades will be averaged on a weighted basis each nine week grading period.  Class work and homework will be basic grades.  Quizzes and notebooks will be worth three times as much, and tests five times.


 Although homework will account for only a portion of your student’s grade, the practice is essential to help him or her perform well on tests and quizzes, too. Classes will receive 2-4 pages of homework assignments on most Mondays to be turned in that Friday.


I require students to keep a notebook containing all warm-ups, notes, vocabulary lists, practice worksheets, and graded work. Your child should be able to open the notebook and show you exactly what we have been doing at any point in the year.  Please be sure he or she has a 3-ring binder divided into sections for each topic above, with loose leaf paper inserted in advance.   This way, the student is ready to immediately write in the appropriate section when necessary.  Hopefully, this will help students continue to develop the organizational skills needed for high school.


A textbook will not be issued for this class. Most problems assigned for homework will be copied worksheets, and students can find examples in their class notes.  Parents or students may check out textbooks and practice workbooks any time for extra help (and keep them as long as you need to) at home.  The pages corresponding to each section are listed on the syllabus.


Feel free to call me if you have questions I have failed to answer.  I look forward to working with you this year!



Gary Hamilton

Ext 2152