School Counselor

   Suzanne Crawford



Burke County Public Schools take all allegations of bullying seriously when reported to any staff or administration at the school. Upon receipt of the complaint, the principal or designee will investigate the merits of the complaint. The parent and student will be notified within 24 hours regarding the findings. Please let administration know if you have any concerns regarding bullying at the school. 

“To-Do” List for
University-Bound Seniors
1.   NOW!  Schedule and take the SAT or ACT,
     hopefully for the second time.

2.  Begin narrowing down college choices.
     Think about…
     •Intended program of study
     •Public vs. private/cost
     •Campus and student population size
     •Geographical location:  Just how far away 
       from home do you want to be?
     •Housing options
     •Rural verses Urban

      Plan to apply to at least 3 different colleges.

3.   Complete student profile information on College     
      Foundation of North Carolina website (

4.  Send in applications before Christmas break.

5.  Let us know when you receive your acceptance     
     letters so we can celebrate with you!