If your company is committed to growing export sales, Bungay International Market Research, Sales and Finance will help you achieve your Goals. Your success with Bungay International is based upon four Components:

    • Market Research
    • Sales Development
    • Trade Finance

Whether you are new-to- exporting or an experienced company, Bungay has the ability to help you grow your International Business. if you are serious about your international business development and are committed to developing long - term, global relationships, let's talk.

Market Research - If you plan to introduce a new product, se4rvice or idea that you feel has strong export potential but are not sure where to start, let us know. we will identify and pre-qualify your most likely export markets then assist you in finding new customers, joint ventures alliances or technology transfer partners.

Sales Development - If you already know there is an export demand for your product and want to increase your sales. We work with your selling team to develop an aggressive International sales plans that gets you results.

Trade Finance - In many cases, the availability of vendor financing will help you make more sales. Our service will give you a competitive edge over your competition because we help arrange funding so your pre-qualified buyer is able to pay your invoice.